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Hi Score Girl Volume 1 Manga Review

Hi Score Girl Volume 1 Manga Review

-Written by: Liv

Haruo Yaguchi lives and breathes video games - specifically 2D arcade fighting games. When it comes to Street Fighter, there is no one better than Haruo. The last thing he expects to see across from him in the arcade is his dignified and silent classmate, Akira Oono. Although the two are from completely parallel worlds, when Akira demolishes him in a match, they quickly bond over their shared love of video games.

Hi Score Girl is an absolute treat. I watched the anime one day on a whim and was absolutely ecstatic to see that Square Enix was publishing the manga. The art style, while initially off-putting, really grew on me over time. I enjoyed the constant name-dropping of old school titles. I loved the intricate explanations of hidden moves and game mechanics. There are so many little easter eggs for any age of video game fans and it’s so fun to try and spot them all.

Despite the main heroine never speaking a single word, you feel the growth of the two main characters and their relationship. There is so much detail packed into every page. Their facial expressions and actions tell you all you need to know about how they feel about the world around them and, ultimately, how they feel about each other. I think this speaks immensely to the quality of the series’ character design. There is something endearing about Haruo going off on these grand monologues that seem to speak for both of them. I loved watching their chaotic rivalry turn to a supporting friendship, and then ultimately to an awkward and wholesome first love.

Hi Score Girl Volume 1 is a perfect introduction to a heartwarming, nostalgia-packed series that will leave any old-school gamer wanting more.

Hi Score Girl Volume 1 Manga

The year is 1991, and the world is on the cusp of the golden age of 2-D fighting games. And on the outskirts of town, in a shady arcade that’s a second home to delinquents and businessmen, one girl descends with dignity into her seat at the game cabinet…Her name is Akira Oono, and she’s about to humiliate hardcore gamer Haruo Yaguchi, who fancies himself something of an arcade king, at Street Fighter! Will Haruo ever live down losing to a girl from his class?!

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