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Grand Blue Dreaming Manga Volume 1 Review

Grand Blue Dreaming Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

Iori Kitahara thought he was going to have a normal life after moving to his uncle’s seaside town to attend college, but that would only make for a boring story if that was all there was too it. Grand Blue Dreaming definitely is anything but boring! First off, I am solidly impressed by authors Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka’s comedic timing. They’re able to run with the same jokes and visual gags multiple times while continuing to make each one feel fresh and new each and every time. From muscle bound guys who feel perfectly comfortable with their nakedness, lighting your “water” on fire to test for alcohol content, or simply trying to find some clothes on your first day of college are just some of the more hilarious situations Iori finds himself in. Truthfully, this more brash sense of humor isn’t usually my thing, but I was laughing at the pure ridiculousness of the situations. Grand Blue Dreaming simply refuses to take itself seriously and that’s one of its strong points.

The story is a bit of a frat party; what with the emphasis on drinking culture and cutting loose in order to have a good time, but Iori slowly fights off his over exuberant senpais…mostly to no avail. He attempts to turn his focus on school because he doesn’t want to become “that guy” who everyone avoids. Unfortunately, Iori finds himself back among the crazy-naked-guys as he’s roped into joining the campus Dive Club and this is where Grand Blue Dreaming’s other theme comes in: scuba diving. You see, Iori’s uncle runs a diving shop, where his muscle bound senpais work, along with his two female cousins who are both diving enthusiasts. Iori’s just got one problem…he can’t swim, but in true senpai fashion no one is going to let that stop Iori! It’s not until the last chapter of this first volume that the crazy turns down a notch and readers are exposed to the beauty of sea life instead of naked men. It’s great to see there’s more to the story that has yet to be explored! Right out of the gate Grand Blue Dreaming hasn’t really taken much of anything too seriously, but that’s what makes it so fun! So enjoy all those ludicrously serious moments and venture forth into forthcoming volumes. I know I will!

Grand Blue Dreaming Manga Volume 1

After graduating from an all-boys’ high school, Iori Kitahara moves away from home to go to college in a seaside town. He’s eager to start a new chapter in his life—one filled with dreams of reinventing himself, meeting beautiful girls, and reveling in his youth. But when his new abode is his uncle’s dive shop, Iori’s college debut doesn’t turn out as glamorously as he planned! Can Iori keep himself afloat, or will the booze-fueled antics of his university’s diving club wash him away? A coming-of-age tale with beer, bums, and the Grand Blue!

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