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Gift guide for your Husbando or Waifu

Gift guide for your Husbando or Waifu

-Written by: Kelly

It’s a fact, anime fans and non-anime fans date, many of us, I included have been in this situation. It may not be ideal when choosing what to watch or when you want to rant about something anime related but it's the way it is. So your significant other, friend or family member loves anime and you don’t know much about it. What do you do? You read this gift guide created by an anime fan and find an anime-zing gift your significant other will love that will fit your budget. 

  • If you share a Netflix or Hulu account with the person, look at what they are currently watching.
  • Ask them what is their favorite anime.
  • Ask about what type of genre they like. Listen closely because if someone likes a certain genre, that doesn't mean they like all of the anime in that genre.
  • Ask about what anime your significant other dislikes to narrow down your selection.
  • See what they already have in their manga, DVD, or figure collection.
  • Ask their opinion on some good anime movies. Good movies to ask about are anything from Studio Ghibli, Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden and A Silent Voice.  

Top Anime Gifts

Blu-ray/DVD: This option is great for those who love anime, sometimes anime can be hard to find online and it’s reassuring to know you have what you want to see permanently. Right Stuf has a large selection of movies on DVDs and Blu-rays, including Studio Ghibli, which the vast majority of anime fans seem to love. 

Manga: They’re best described as the Japanese version of comic books. If your significant other loves a series and doesn’t already have the manga for it, I would recommend this as a gift. If you know the type of anime they like but do not know what they’ve watched, this can also be a good gift as we have a wide selection of every genre. There are also some amazing manga that do not have an anime yet. Reading and seeing the art of your favorite anime hits differently than watching the series. If your significant other is a manga collector, ask them where they are in the series and if they ordered any new volumes or if there is a series they want to read. 

Plushies: You can’t really go wrong with one of our adorable plushies. They come in a variety of sizes, prices and characters. You will need to know the series your significant other enjoys. 

Figures: Anime figures are great for decoration and collection. Right Stuf has figures from a wide variety of series and prices. If you are working within a budget of less than $40, your best option would be the Pop-Up-Parade figures and the Prize figures. They are good quality, fairly detailed, their height can get up to 12 inches and there is a wide variety to choose from. 

Light Novels: Light novels are great for the anime fan who also enjoys reading books. These are not manga, however, they are structured just like a normal book, and just because someone is a manga fan, that does not mean they’re fans of light novels. I would check with your significant other to see if that is something they’re interested in. 

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