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Gakuen Alice - Welcome to Alice Academy

Gakuen Alice - Welcome to Alice Academy

★ Take the Character Quiz Below! ★

Okay, calm down. You’ve just discovered that you possess an ability like reading minds or spouting water from your ears on command. Are you going crazy? Some kind of genetic freak? Calculating the sales potential of those mushrooms growing in the basement? Possibly, but you also possess what’s called an “Alice” - a special magical talent far beyond the capabilities of regular humans. Congratulations! Your next step is to enroll at Alice Academy, the government-sponsored, premier education facility for all Alice-gifted students. You’d better start packing.

Once you’ve said your goodbyes and stuffed your suitcase, it’s just a quick trip to Tokyo (look for the giant gorilla billboard) and you’ll be ready to start your new life at the Academy! Your education will be taking a giant leap forward, as you’ll be spending your days learning from the best Alice-equipped teachers in the world2 Plus, no need to worry about room and board: all students are provided with spacious on-campus dorm rooms and dine on delectable cooking from our in-house chefs.3

We don’t neglect our students’ learning environment, either. Despite its location in the heart of the city, Alice Academy’s grounds are extensive; in fact, it’s possible to spend your entire school career there without ever needing to leave!4 You’ll discover separate buildings for the Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High divisions, administrative offices, state-of-the-art laboratories, exotic animal pens, a fire station and hospital, and the shop-centric Central Town, all surrounded by beautiful fields and lush forests.5.

In addition to core subjects like math and history, your education will include special extracurricular classes on how to use your Alice. Divided up by Alice type – latent, technical, somatic, special, or dangerous – and integrated across all three educational divisions, these classes will give you a chance to meet and work with upperclassmen and teachers who specialize in your fields. Students who display exceptional aptitudes may even be given specialized advanced coursework to further hone their abilities.6

Best of all, Alice Academy spares no expense when it comes to special school events, including everything from concerts by famous former alumni to a visit from the circus. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time at the Academy,7 and don’t forget to prepare something extra-special for the School Festival two-week extravaganza. We look forward to seeing you soon!

1 – Whether you like it or not. We will track you down.
2 – “Best” is used subjectively. Actual qualifications of teachers may vary or not exist.
3 – Actual spaciousness of rooms and food delectability may vary or not exist.
4 – Which is good, because you won’t be.
5 – Students venture into the forests at their own risk. Flora and fauna may be homicidal.
6 – Some advanced coursework takes place at night. In case of bullets, duck.
7 – Guarantee does not cover cases of bullying, homesickness, personal injury, kidnapping, or riot inciting.

Which Gakuen Alice Character Are You?
(Keep track of the stars' colors)

What’s your Alice type?
No Alice or Latent (Most common and well-documented abilities fit here, like x-ray vision and teleportation.)
Technical (Manifests via things you make, such as inventions or cooking.)
Somatic (Manifests physically, like super speed or animal pheromones.)
★ Special! (None of the above.)
Dangerous (Any of the above determined to be dangerous by the Academy.)

What’s your favorite animal?
★ Imai Hotaru!

How much time do you regularly spend with the faculty?
None at all.
Only when they remember to show up for class.
The principal often asks me to demonstrate my latest work.
★ I’m good friends (or mortal enemies) with most of them!
So much it’s starting to affect my health.

How many long-lost, estranged, or captive relatives would you estimate you have?
★ 2!
Revealed in the manga only.
Depends on how you define “relative.”

Which word or phrase best describes you?
★ Indomitable!
Money grubbing
Short, dark, and brooding

It’s time for the school festival! Is this…
Business as usual?
A pleasant academic activity?
★ The most exciting thing you’ve ever heard of in your life?!
Another reminder of your enforced lonely status?
A chance to show off for your wealthy overseas fans?

How many times have you tried to escape the academy only to miserably fail?
Escape my home? Why?
Once, but it was via a legal, home-visitation-award channel.
★ Once, and it would have worked, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kidnappers. And that teacher. And the security system…
Don’t even ask.

What color star did you circle the most? 
Find the name with the same color below to discover which character you are!

Nothing gets you down – not hard work, not dismal grades, not even that awful boy who tried to set your hair on fire. There’s only been one exception: when Hotaru left for the academy without saying good-bye. Following your best friend in the whole wide world all the way to Tokyo seemed like a good idea at the time, but what’s this about not being able to leave - ever?

You’ve always had a talent for inventing extraordinary things, like robotic mail-delivering turtles and scent-enhancing pig snouts. Now Alice Academy’s state-of-the-art lab equipment and rich business contacts give you the perfect chance to exploit that talent to its fullest. Too bad you had to give up a happy life living with your friends and family to get it.

While you put up a tough front, you’ve got a shy and sensitive streak a mile wide, making you particularly susceptible to Hotaru’s blackmail. Your animal-pheromones Alice makes you popular with creatures both humongous and small, while your cute looks make you popular with the girls. You, however, spend most of your time worrying about your best friend Natsume instead.

You’re the most popular boy in Class B – and, thanks to your fire Alice, the most dangerous. You don’t seem to care about anyone or anything except your best friend Ruka and escaping from the academy. Unfortunately for you, the teachers have taken a particular interest in your abilities and enrolled you in a few “off the record” extracirculars.

Mr. Bear
A stuffed bear given life by a student at the academy, you’re a recluse who lives alone in a cabin in the Northern Woods. Young school children admire your cute exterior at their peril: your sharp axe and lightning-quick fists are always at the ready.

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