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Devilman The Classic Collection Manga Vol. 1

Devilman The Classic Collection Manga Vol. 1

-Written by: Jenny Lau

Devilman is superhero story most people have read or heard about. Recently, Netflix produced an anime series called Devilman Crybaby. I did happen to watch the series and actually ended up binge watching the entire anime on a Saturday. I enjoyed the director, Masaakai Yuasa, take on the Devilman story, that I decided to read the Devilman, The Classic Collection to further my obsession with this superhero. And just a side note here, you might feel perplexed when watching Devilman Crybaby because Masaaki Yuasa is known for his wild free form directing style. Reading this manga helped to fill in plot holes from the show on Devilman’s background and powers. It also builds on Devilman’s relationship with Ryo that we don’t get to see from the series.

The manga starts with the meek Akira Fudo. Gentle, kind, and extremely unconfident, Akira Fudo decides to merge with a demon after his friend, Ryo convinces him that his pure heart will blend perfectly with these monsters. Ryo explains to Akira that demons have been around for centuries and wanting to start a war that will eradicate humans. With Akira’s new demonic powers, Ryo believes Akira can try to stop the dark forces. To begin the process, he takes Akira to a Black Sabbath party to summon the demon, Amon, to overtake his friend’s body. Beginning his new life as Devilman, Akira must tackle demon challenges to keep peace on earth.

One thing I extremely liked about this story is the time travel. In a couple parts of the manga, Akira and Ryo travel to different time periods such as Pre-Nazi Germany, The French Revolution, and the Hundred Years War. Devilman fights along side historical figures for earth’s salvation against the corrupted and possessed demon humans. The most interesting chapter was this author’s take on how World War II began with Devilman.

The illustration in this manga are superb as well. Some of the art reminded me of Frank Miller comic books so if you are fan of this style, it worth to check out! From the shading to the coloring, the drawing details on every fight scene were done with precision. Even the demons were drawn well enough to make anyone believe that hell is real place.

If you are looking for action, drama, and gore, I would highly suggest this manga. With all the superhero stories we hear about today, Devilman should be added to your list to read about! There is Collection Volume 2 that will be coming out, so I can’t wait to see where Devilman’s next challenges will be!

Devilman The Classic Collection Manga Volume 1

For ages, the demons that once ravaged the earth have been trapped, leaving earth to enjoy a time of relative peace. But that peace is coming to an end. Demons have risen once again, tipping the world ever closer to Armageddon. Gentle Akira Fudo may seem like an unlikely hero, but due to his pure heart, he is able to become Devilman—a human with demonic powers, and the planet’s only hope of salvation!

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