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Dead Mount Death Play Manga Volume 1 Review

Dead Mount Death Play Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

Dead Mount Death Play puts a sort of new spin on the anime subgenre of isekai. Instead of the hero getting transported into a fantasy land, this time it’s the opposite way around. Oh, and the evildoer is actually the one who shows up. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all? Hrm…

Wait. If that makes you stop and think, “Didn’t you just describe The Devil is a Part-Timer!?” No, I did not. This is where any similarity stops dead in its tracks – okay, so maybe one more small detail, but I’ll get to that. Dead Mount Death Play is dark! It is ripe with trappings of the modern-day underworld with a cat-and-mouse game between rival gangs of the yakuza, police, and a newly revived teenager named Polka Shinoyama a.k.a. the Death God – well, at least that’s what he was known by in his previous life, of course.

This first volume is dedicated to world building and character development and both are solid. There’s a nice balance between good action sequences and interlaced downtime. It’s during these quieter moments that the intrigue really builds. It’s made quite clear that everyone, both the good-guys and the bad-guys, are all a bit sketchy. I also suspect a lot of the main players have already been introduced though everyone has plenty of deeper backstory to explore. Including the “Calamity Crusher” from Polka’s original world.

One of the more interesting aspects of the story, for me, stems from Polka’s ability to still use magic in our world even though it’s barely detectable. His magic has to be recharged, which isn’t new, but it’s the magic’s source that’s going to get everyone involved in all sorts of dire situations. The original Polka was no saint to begin with, however, as even the assassins who were dispatched to kill him don’t even have any idea how dangerous he was…is…you see, Polka’s original soul is still present in the world too. So who knows what else is out there waiting for the Death God? I, for one, am game to find out.

Dead Mount Death Play Manga Volume 1

It's a showdown for the ages as the legendary hero takes on the corpse god necromancer, but when the dust settles, something isn't quite right... In the final moments of their epic confrontation, the corpse god's final gambit shot was wholly unexpected -- reincarnation magic! Across space and time, a boy named Polka Shinoyama awakens feeling...not quite himself...... Who could've expected that the climactic battle between good and evil would turn out like this??

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