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Chi's Sweet Adventures Manga Vol. 1 (Color) Review

Chi's Sweet Adventures Manga Vol. 1 (Color) Review

-Written by: Quinn

Even dog lovers are going to love the kitty based antics found in Chi’s Sweet Adventures Volume 1. First off though, I’ve got to mention that the most unexpected thing about this 4-panel comic presentation is the fact that the entire manga is presented in full color! There is so much appreciation for that extra colored-pizzazz piled on top of the kitten cuteness! All right, now on to Chi and her adventures as this kitten is constantly on the move looking for “pwey” (that’d be “prey” in kitty-talk). Chi embodies that old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat,” and thankfully she’s a survivor! Whether it’s dressing her up for Halloween, outdoor discoveries, prowling for prey with her animal friends, hanging out with the adult hip-cats in the park, or simply enjoying a good brushing Chi is up for just about anything…except maybe the vacuum cleaner.

Arguably there’s not a lot of depth to Chi’s Sweet Adventures, but cat videos on the internet never really are either and we all are addicted to those too! So just enjoy the simple pleasures found throughout Chi’s Sweet Adventures. It’s just a light, fluffy tale full of fun plus Chi’s kitten-craziness is amusing and nothing compares to the warmth and love found between Chi and her human family. Chi’s Sweet Adventure is an easy read, a great introduction to manga for younger readers, and a great story for any and all lovers of silly little floofs!

Chi's Sweet Adventures Manga Volume 1 (Color)

Chi is back! Manga’s most famous cat returns with a brand new series! Inspired by the new anime, Chi’s Sweet Adventures collects dozens of new full-color kitty tales made for readers of all ages!

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