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Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1 Review

Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Devlen & Kelly

Top: Denji and Pochita cuddling in a run down shack. Bottom: Pochita in various designs relating to the chapter titles (Chainsaw Man page 20).


If you’re like me, you know the best way to get into the spooky spirit is by binging every horror and gory anime you can think of while reading every horror manga your eyes can consume until you look like you could be casted in one of Junji Ito’s stories. From Corpse Party to Higurashi When They Cry, I tend to steer towards the bloody mess and track down the killer. So when I saw Chainsaw Man on the review list with Halloween creeping around the corner, I signed my name to it faster than a killer could catch up to their prey with their fabled slow walk.

To kick off this blood-soaked tale, let’s follow the bloodstained clues to its origin. Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who created Fire Punch, Chainsaw Man observes the main character, Denji, as he tries to pay off his dead father’s debt to a mob boss. Denji lives a very malnourished life, deprived of the simple pleasures of friends and family or even a promised meal each day. Luckily, he isn’t completely alone. He has a loyal friend named Pochita who is a devil chainsaw dog, and yes, he is as adorable as you would imagine. They met one day when Denji came across an injured Pochita and saved its life by feeding it some of his blood and forming a mutual contract.

Denji transformed into the Chainsaw Man as he fights off a hoard of zombies (Chainsaw Man page 46).

Continuing with the story, Denji and Pochita get into the Devil Hunter’s business to help pay off Denji’s father’s debt. And as you can infer from the job title, a Devil Hunter kills devils that plague their world. Unfortunately on one of their jobs, they were deceived by their mob boss and ambushed by a strong zombie devil. Cut into mangled pieces together, Pochita decides to repay Denji’s good deed by making a new contract with Denji. By giving Denji his heart in exchange of seeing Denji’s dreams come true, Pochita and Denji are fused together with Denji possessing Pochita’s chainsaw abilities. From here on, this is when the manga really slices deep into the bloody action and gore!

Chainsaw man does a FANTASTIC job of illustrating gory action and blood being spilled with each swing. I was gripped tightly to each page as full panels sprayed the page! The fights are phenomenally detailed, not holding back anything. Aside from the action, even the humor is entertaining! One of my favorite parts of each chapter is the small chapter break illustrations of Pochita. I really like how they incorporated the title of the chapters with little Pochita. Pochita is so adorable and I hope there is a plush made of it!

Overall, this manga is the perfect read for anyone who wants to jump into the 6-foot hole of Halloween. The blood and action is on point, the story is entertaining, and the humor will keep you laughing. I cannot wait for what the next volume will flesh out!

Chainsaw Man stands on top of a crowd of zombies readying for a gruesome fight (Chainsaw Man page 53).


Forget the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” for this manga, both the cover and the story are wild. Chainsaw Man starts out with a poor young man named Denji who is desperate to repay his debts, so he gets money by occasionally killing devils until one day he is set up to be killed by a devil. To fight this devil, Denji and his adorable chainsaw dog, Pochita, merge to become Chainsaw Man, leaving Denji a human-devil hybrid! After the fight Denji becomes a government worker, Makima’s pet, yes, her pet, if not she threatens to kill him, she also flirts with him. Throughout the book you meet a colorful crew of characters who really make this story distinct. Denji himself is a very entertaining character who only wants a particular type of attention from ladies. The illustrations in this manga are very well done, and the gore is to die for. Denji is a great main character, he is relatable in his struggles both with the ladies and financially along with having a tough yet humorous personality. The humor can be rather sexual throughout the manga but it is well done sexual humor. The fan service for this manga feels more integrated with the story rather than something to capture the audience's attention. Overall this manga is a great mix of humor, action and storytelling, I would give it an all-around grade of an A-. While it comes off as a novelty with the somewhat cheesy name and cover it is more than that, it has sustenance and a future. I would definitely recommend this manga to someone who loves shonen and doesn't mind a little sexual humor and gore!

Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1

Denji’s a poor young man who’ll do anything for money, even hunting down devils with his pet devil-dog Pochita. He’s a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under a mountain of debt. But his sad life gets turned upside down one day when he’s betrayed by someone he trusts. Now with the power of a devil inside him, Denji’s become a whole new man—Chainsaw Man!

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