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Candy Color Paradox Manga Volume 1 Review

Candy Color Paradox Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

Candy Color Paradox won’t be breaking any new ground right out of the gate with this first volume. However, what this yaoi title does, it does oh so well. First off, full disclaimer, I am not a fan of excessive dominate partner (seme) over passive partner (yuke) traits, but this common relationship trope between Motoharu Kaburagi (seme) and Satoshi Onoe (yuke) is much more subtle. Which is something I can get behind…and so can Kaburagi. *cough*

I think the biggest thing I like about Candy Color Paradox is the guessing-game which takes place between Onoe and Kaburagi. They just can’t seem to decide why, if, or how they’re even attracted to one another. They spend a lot of time trying to actually own up to their own feelings and then actually admitting it not only to themselves but to the other person as well! It’s a mutual attraction-redaction-reaction which is played out in an authentic way, that isn’t overdone, and I loved all of their second guesses.

Another cool thing is that there’s an actual story running tandem to all their romantic fueled antics. These two legitimately go on tabloid-fueled stakeouts as their jobs, and they deduce what their subjects are up to. This also adds a bit of mystery to the overall plot as well as the moral dilemma it creates for the duo. It forces them to make some hard decisions because if they publicize their stories they’re capable of not only ruining careers, but also lives. Kaburagi has been making these decisions for years and it’s left him a bit dead inside; which only helps spotlight newcomer Onoe’s righteous vision of his chosen career. This dynamic between the two adds yet another layer to their developing relationship, and I can see it really taking a toll on Onoe’s mental wellbeing in the future.

Of note, if you’re here strictly for steamy scenes there’s only a handful, but this is also the first volume so…maybe your needs will be satisfied. What this first volume does contain of the sexier moments are discreetly done with purposefully framed positions and strategically placed bodies. Candy Color Paradox is more about the relationship than the steamy at this point.

Overall, I enjoyed the story quite a bit and will be interested to see Onoe and Kaburagi’s relationship grow, both at work and in the romance department. While you’re waiting along with me for Volume 2 I’d also recommend checking out I Hear the Sunspot, Go For It Nakamura!, Love Stage!!, and, for those who love a little more exposure coupled with a great story, Jackass!

Candy Color Paradox Manga Volume 1

Satoshi Onoe prides himself on his good writing and ethical reporting for the weekly magazine he writes for. But when the stakeout teams are shuffled around, he ends up being paired up with Motoharu Kaburagi, an ill-mannered photographer who’s nothing but trouble. Onoe despises Kaburagi’s haphazard and unethical reporting methods, and the two constantly fight. But as they spend more time together, Kaburagi’s two-faced attitude makes Onoe begin to see him in a different light.

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