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Become You Manga Volume 1 Review

Become You Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

Taiyou is a dreamer who imagines himself finding stardom playing on stage in a band. He’s got enthusiasm and nerve. Hikari, however, is Taiyou’s exact opposite. He’s a realist who doesn’t dare dream…at least not anymore. While Become You poises itself to be something great, this first volume bumbles around a bit too much for me before things start to take off.

I feel like the main character’s personalities were kind of one-trick-ponies. Taiyou’s overbearing mantra, “Be in my band, Hikari!” gets a little old a little too fast. Once Hikari finally does cave, I was so happy I wouldn’t have to hear Taiyou ask that question anymore! Bravo for his tenacity though. Meanwhile, Hikari’s cool and collected demeanor hasn’t lent itself to playing off Taiyou’s personality very well as of now. Perhaps the duo’s dynamic will work out better down the road? The story also has a kind of weird stumbling block with Sakura, who’s Taiyou’s childhood friend and presumed crush. She’ll most likely have a bigger role to play than crushing Taiyou’s heart, but for now, her part in the story has been mostly played offstage without much of an explanation. Taiyou’s imagination is also very vivid. He’s created a dark, cloaked figure presumably resides in Taiyou’s mind. The figure resembles Hikari and practically whispers self-doubts in Taiyou’s ears. I’m not sure what kind of underlying insight will play out here in these scenarios but I am curious as to why the figure looks like Hikari.

I will give Taiyou credit for his stubbornness though. It is his one redeeming quality – which he even states himself! He’s a one-man-band with only a guitar and persists in his dream of getting up on stage to perform. Once he does, that’s apparently enough to persuade Hikari to open up…just a bit. This allows the two boys to flesh out some of Taiyou’s backstory which helps to expand his character. I just wish a lot of this information had come sooner and the story hadn’t beaten around the bush so much prior.

Speaking of the story, it’s narrated by Taiyou, but I’m not sure from what point in time. His voice seems more tempered than that of the teenager who’s currently the main focal point. I feel like the author, Ichigo Takano, who also penned orange – which I absolutely adore – may have been trying to recapture orange’s future-me narration style with mixed results. That tactic worked so well before, but without any reference as to who Narrator-Taiyou actually is, I found it more distracting than helpful. Getting to know more about either boy’s past, such as why Hikari quit playing the piano and how Taiyou’s original passion was lost, could have also helped me connect with the characters. To me, it feels like the two boys go around in circles, not accomplishing much of anything at all until the last few chapters. When I finally got drawn in the volume was over. Overall, Become You has potential, but it never quite “struck the right chords,” with me, so to speak. I am curious as to what will become of the story’s two main leads, but my drive to do so will never measure up to same level as Taiyou’s desire to achieve his dreams.

Become You Manga Volume 1

Taiyou is a high-school musician with dreams of stardom, but when his bandmates quit in order to focus on school, it feels like Taiyou’s dreams are slipping away. In an act of desperation, Taiyou strong-arms his sullen classmate Hikari into forming a band with him. The two boys are total opposites, but together they might just be able to create something amazing.

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