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Back to School - Anime Style!

Back to School - Anime Style!

-Written by: Clifton Antoine

Summer is the time for fun, freedom, and fandom. All of the exciting summer conventions give us the chance to be ourselves and dress how we want. Now that summer is over, it’s time to conform and go back to school. No need to worry, you’ll still be able to let your otaku flag fly! Right Stuf has your back! Swag out with a t-shirt from your favorite anime. Accessorize to the max with an anime wristband or bag. Walk the halls with your head held high as you show off your stylish anime head gear. There’s no need to hide your anime pride!

1 Let all your friends know that real men shed man tears with this Takeo Gouda Shirt!

2 We know that shirt you’re going to wear every Tuesday because every Tuesday is an Otaku Tuesday!

3 Flaunt your himouto life with this super-comfy Himouto! Umaru-chan tee!

4 Off to Ninja School? What better way to carry ninja stars and shuriken than this Boruto messenger bag!

5 Seize the duel arenas and show off your fashion with this amazing hat!

6 Whether you like the Demon Cyborg or the Terrbible Tornado you'll find the perfect wristband in this set of 4!

7 Keep the heart of the cards in your mind as you take all of your notes in this YuGiOh spiral notebook!

8 Make that summer feeling eternal by drinking out of a tritan water bottle featuring the boys from FREE!

9 Stay caffeinated and alert by bringing your coffee to school in this Artemis mug with a tail as the handle!

10 Make it to class on time with this Tokyo Ghoul metal watch featuring Kaneki’s mask!

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