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Avatar The Last Airbender Team Avatar Tales Manga Review

Avatar The Last Airbender Team Avatar Tales Manga Review

-Written by: Jordon S

I grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender in middle school. There was something alluring to my early teenage self about these kids, around my age, taking off on a giant adventure to save the world. When I saw this book coming out, I knew it was going to be worth the read to see my ‘heroes’ again. The most recent Airbender release did not disappoint. The artwork is immaculate, and the stories are just as funny as the show was.

In these stories, we get to see more of why Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the other characters in Avatar became an integral part of many people’s childhoods. We get to watch Katara inspire someone who does not view her talents of origami as anything special. Toph assists an old rival in clearing up an issue with his croco-cat. Suki teaches a young girl that even the physically weak are strong if they believe in themselves. Sokka gets himself into a world of trouble when he goes out searching for snacks (go figure—some things never change).

Each of these characters represents traits we want our children to gain—loyalty, strength, compassion, bravery, and many more. In each of these mini-stories, we see these traits highlighted by their respective character. The situations Team Avatar is put through in these stories mirror what we would have seen in the show as well. These are not just random tales, but feel as if they are filling in spots and timelines between episodes of the show.

As an avid Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, it excites me to know that, even though the show ended, the stories and adventures continue to flow for Team Avatar. I am looking forward to future Team Avatar Tales to see what other antics my favorite characters are up to!

Avatar the Last Airbender Team Avatar Tales Manga

Journey along with Team Avatar as they rescue a pumpkin farmer waylaid by monsters, go undercover in the Fire Nation, help an old rival with a hair-raising problem, and reflect on what it means to save the world.

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