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At Night, I Become a Monster Novel Review

At Night, I Become a Monster Novel Review

-Written by: Jennifer

I’m gonna be honest here and say I’m not much of a novel person. But this novel right here is truly one of a kind and a perfect afternoon well spent. Yoru Sumino, the author of this novel as well as the author of the masterpiece I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, has a very unique way with words that helps the reader perfectly visualize the story right in front of them.

The novel follows a normal highschool boy named Adachi who transforms into a horrifying beast every single night. To pass the time he wanders around the outside world in the dead of night. Adachi does his best not to be seen by anyone, but one fateful night at school he was accidentally spotted by his bullied classmate, Yano Satsuki. The two develop an out-of-the-ordinary friendship during the night, but unfortunately the same can not be said for the day.

Overall I loved this novel as it took me on a trip of discovery and overcoming the monsters of the day and of the night. The plot and characters were developed in such a smooth wave, it left me powerless and unable to put the book down. My only dissatisfaction would have to be the ending, as it felt unfinished and sadly there won’t be another volume as far as I know. I’d recommend this novel to anyone who wants a heartful read and I do wish that this novel gets adapted into a movie as that would be simply amazing to see on screen!

At Night, I Become A Monster Novel

By day, Adachi is a normal student. By night, he’s a terrifying creature of many eyes and many legs who lurks in the darkness. One night, while haunting his own school, he comes across his classmate Yano Satsuki--she’s been an unexpected victim of bullying, and stalking the night in her own way. He’s surprised to find himself developing a sympathetic relationship with her. In this supernatural novel about nighttime outcasts, two students confront the monstrous ways that humans can treat each other.

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