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Animeta! Manga Volume 1 Review

Animeta! Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Chris T

For young Miyuki Sanada, the only thing she’s wanted to do since high school is go into animation. She discovered the series Royal Girl Pannacotta, and ever since, her goal is to make something just as moving. So when she graduates, she decides to pursue her dream by applying at N2 Animation, the studio that made Pannacotta. But Miyuki quickly learns that the business is a lot rougher than she expected…

Yaso Hanamura's manga series Animeta! explores Miyuki’s journey into the working world, and it’s a sometimes harsh tale of discovering the reality that making anime is often hard, thankless work. Miyuki is faced with the challenges that make her job hard – meticulous standards, low pay, and unpleasant coworkers happy to put her down to make themselves feel superior. But Miyuki perseveres, as she still strives to achieve her dream, working to hone her skills to prove herself as an animator.

Hanamura writes with the knowledge of an industry insider, breaking down Miyuki’s position as an inbetweener, filling the gaps set up by the key animator to give full motion to a scene. Informative footnotes litter the border spaces of the book, filling you in on technical jargon so that, while the inner workings of N2 seem confusing at first, you’ll get used to the business rather quickly. On top of that, you even get a few pointers on how to draw if you’re paying attention!

Hanamura also does a great job illustrating the book, giving Miyuki and her coworkers an incredibly detailed portrayal. Miyuki’s emotions are evocative, making you really feel for her when she hits stumbling blocks and realizes how little room for error there is in her line of work. Hanamura also gets to flex his artistic talents in other ways, including full-color splash pages revealing the intro sequence for Pannacotta, in a completely different art style from the rest of the book. And the details are present everywhere in Animeta!, from Miyuki’s apartment to the N2 offices. The art comes together to build a realistic, rich world for Miyuki to build her talents in.

If you’ve ever thought about going into a creative line of work, or if you just want to know more about how anime is made, Animeta! is an incredibly informative look into the animation industry. Miyuki struggles with some of the challenges that arise, but pushes on nevertheless, working to become a better artist and prove the haters wrong. Give this manga a try and see where Miyuki’s drive takes her!

Animeta! Manga Volume 1

Miyuki Sanada had just been going through the motions until one night she came across a certain late-night anime that made her feel true passion for the first time in her life. She was so impressed by the production that she decided to become an animator herself! But was that really such a good idea? Harsh lessons and even harsher financial realities await as Miyuki strives to make her dream come true.

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