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Anime We're Thankful For

Anime We're Thankful For

-Written by: Allyn

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we at Right Stuf wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the anime that impacted our lives in both big and small ways. Now, if you’ve read my Right Stuf Blog debut, Allyn’s Anime Adventure, you already know that I am not a seasoned anime watcher—or is it watcher of anime? I don’t watch a lot of anime. Full disclosure, this will not be a long list of anime. I’ll simply be talking about the titles I’ve watched so far and the ways in which they’ve changed my perspective/worldview in a way that I’m thankful for. Also be aware that the titles below may not have been as impactful on your life as they have been on mine. I’d encourage you to think of the titles that have made an impact on your life and to start your own list of anime that you’re thankful for. If you’re not in the “holiday mood” yet, this is a great way to start recounting your anime journey and instill thankfulness before Turkey Day (or tofu day for all my vegans/vegetarians out there).

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Some of you may remember Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was one of the first anime anime I watched(if you consider it to be anime or not). I began watching the show when it was playing on Nickelodeon. I’d come home after school and watch a few episodes with my older sister—we decided that I would be an earth bender and she would be a water bender if the opportunity ever presented itself. Back then, I didn’t even know that manga existed, so the show was all I had. One episode has stayed with me all of these years—the one where Aang and his friends visit Kyoshi Island and meet Koko, daughter of Kyoshi. If you’re not familiar with the episode, there are some very strong and independent women that can earth bend and fight better than most men on this small island of Kyoshi. Now, I’m thankful for the entire show, but this episode in particular. It made me feel empowered and strong as a girl, and even more so today. There wasn’t a hint of reliance on anyone but themselves. They hunted, gathered, cooked, and fought for themselves; a great message for young women. These women were badass.

A Silent Voice

This film is beautiful. It was one of the first anime films recommended to me when I started working at Right Stuf, and I’m really glad I watched it. I couldn’t stop talking about it—ask my friends. I was texting all of them while I was watching it and telling them that they should watch it too...and crying a little. I think it's important to note that I’m not only thankful for the anime, but I’m also thankful for the story. It was one of the most eye-opening, heart-wrenching, thought-stimulating stories I’d seen in a long time. It brings multiple social issues to light and by the end of the film, pushes the viewer to rethink even the smallest interactions with people—to choose joy over circumstance. It’s not easy to watch. But watching something as thought provoking as A Silent Voice is necessary to instill societal change one viewer at a time. Once you watch this film, you’ll also be thankful that these issues came to light in such a loving and aesthetically pleasing way.

Carole & Tuesday

Wow...uh, I just lost my train of thought thinking about the music in this show. I have goosebumps. Absolutely breathtaking. And that’s just the music. There is actually a really dramatic and feel-good storyline. Carole and Tuesday are both trying to navigate life and establish themselves as musicians, and everything kind of comes together when they cross paths and combine their musical talents. For anyone who loves music and a heartwarming story, this is the show for you. I’m so thankful I gave it a try because it really is a show that delivers every time. From the first time I heard the two main characters harmonizing, I was sold. It’s rare to actually hear the process of “jamming” and making music, but this is demonstrated throughout the show, and it makes it really unique. Thank you, Carole and Tuesday. Truly.

My Roommate is a Cat

Let’s end on a light one. My most recent anime endeavor was My Roommate is a Cat. I don’t think you have to be a cat person to love this show, but it helps. I’m a cat mom myself, and seeing Haru and her “human” (Subaru) interact in the way that they do is adorable and kind of makes me wonder what my cat (Carl) is thinking on the daily. The first episode stole my heart. Subaru is really at a low point in his life, and one day, Haru just appears in his home. He decides to take her in and feed her. t turns out that Haru ends up feeding him. Because he wasn’t sleeping or eating, Haru took it upon herself to save him by trying to get him to take some of her food and eat it. After many attempts, Haru is about ready to give up on Subaru when he finally becomes so exhausted that he collapses and slowly reaches into Haru’s food bowl...and eats her food. Ew. But it’s kind of cute too. I’m thankful I watched this show because it’s very light--it doesn’t throw a ton of drama at you--the dilemmas are fairly normal, everyday situations. Throughout each episode, you see Haru and Subaru growing closer in their friendship, which is what makes give makes it emotional. It’s heartwarming to see the two characters looking out for each other and becoming better together.

From Right Stuf Anime, have a happy Thanksgiving!