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Anime Detour 2020

Anime Detour 2020

It's happening! Right Stuf is coming to Anime Detour 2020! Please join us for Anime Detour 2020 as we celebrate our 17th year!

How many of us remember the excitement of going back to school? The anticipation of seeing all our old friends again and making new ones. Making all new memories together. So many things familiar to us and so many new faces, activities and experiences. We would also like to celebrate just how far the anime community has come! Old school is not any one particular place in time. What it represents is different for everyone.

What connects us all is the love we have for the culture and this art form. The love we have for this community. The connections we make as we share our favorites with each other. What was your first anime? Which do you remember fondly from your younger years?

Whether your old school is from the 2000s, the 1990s, or even the 1980s, all are welcome here at Anime Detour!

April 3rd - 5th, 2020

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