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APOSIMZ Manga Volume 1

APOSIMZ Manga Volume 1

-Written by: Quinn

Sci-fi apocalyptic world: check. Humans who aren’t really humans: check. Revenge fueled plot: check. Perhaps Aposimz isn’t the most original story from author Tsutomu Nihei of Knights of Sidonia and Blame! fame, but Aposimz is a solid story that doesn’t beat around the bush.

Right out of the gate readers get a real sense for the desolate and barren landscape of the artificial celestial body known as Aposimz. Etherow and his crew start out clambering through the superstructure on their way back to the surface after having collected a substance known as pipe fruits. Their journey back home is wonderfully played out and serves the dual purpose of getting to know them. The one nagging problem I had, which I tried hard not to think about, was that an essentially artificial planet was able to produce snow, oxygen, and what I can only assume is plant life. Which seemed odd, but then again, astrology and physics aren’t my strong point so I just suspended my disbelief!

I’m glad I did too because as soon as Lord Yiyu shows up the once happy life of Eo, Biko, Deina and the rest is shattered to pieces and obliterated. Author Nihei leads readers to believe they’ve got it all figured out only to bait and switch, and while the outcomes aren’t completely unexpected in hindsight, I really enjoyed where the story took me. Without giving a lot away I’ll just say that there’s a lot of build-up which will make you want to revel in celebrating sweet vengeance.

Now I can’t talk about Aposimz without mentioning the artwork. The barrenness of the landscape is emphasized by a lack of details. Nihei draws with mostly simplified line work which is a bit jagged and only has modest grayscale variations. When I first started reading this manga I had some trouble taking it all in because it all looks the same. However, once I grew accustomed to it I could easily tell what was going on in each panel. (Even though half the time I felt like I was still squinting at scenes.) I found that by the end the artwork seemed very fitting and got me thinking that maybe more details would only get in the way after all. An acquired taste perhaps?

Overall, following my introduction to Nihei’s work I can confidently say that Aposimz definitely carries on his recognizable art style and it’s all about the framing. Bring it on Aposimz Manga Volume 2 . I’m intrigued.

APOSIMZ Manga Volume 1

Eo, Biko and Etherow, residents of the White Diamond Beam, are in the middle of combat training when suddenly a girl appears, Rebedoan Empire soldiers in hot pursuit. The girl asks for their help in keeping safe a “code” and seven mysterious “bullets.” This chance encounter marks a major shift in the fate of the entire planet…

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