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Holiday Update from Right Stuf Vice President

Holiday Update from Right Stuf Vice President

-Written by: Right Stuf

Happy Almost Holidays!

Wow, nearly the end of 2021. Can you believe it?

Our Right Stuf Anime crew is busy getting everything ready to offer you some spectacular savings for your holiday shopping pleasure, but since things continue to be a little more difficult than in years past, and I haven’t provided an update email in quite some time, I thought I’d better do my part.

First off, we here at RSA hope you and yours are all remaining well. We have remained blessed and healthy here in Iowa and are extremely thankful each day.

When I sent out my spring update, I mentioned the Manga publishing delays and referenced several other things that were going to cause some significant challenges for us in 2021, if you missed it, you can find it here. One of the articles talked about the publishing delays in manga how they will continue to be delayed well into 2022. There are a whole host of reasons including paper shortages, actual printing press shortages, and then of course the actual delivery challenges. Many of your favorite book sets are not going to get reprinted until next year, so when you see our lovely little “Out of Stock, Expecting More” note on an item unfortunately even our Anime-zing customer care team can’t help with providing a “when” that is actually going to happen. However, if you place your order you’re going to be in the queue, so your chances are going to be much better than waiting until something is in stock. Because by the time you read that “In-stock Notification” email, the product might be in and allocated to everyone who got in the queue and out of stock again. Sadly, it does happen.

Shipping delays, yep there are going to be delays. While we might get your order processed and out the door quickly, every courier we use has sent us numerous emails reminding us of delays due to staffing shortages and increased volumes. The number of days we reference for the shipping method you chose is typical during normal circumstances, but holiday is not normal and those days are not guaranteed. So, the moral of the story here is to shop early and pack your patience. Remember your RSA team is doing everything we can to make your holidays bright but we are mere mortals. Except maybe Dark Lord Kleckner, after all, nearly 35 years of anime madness, makes you wonder?!

I have to run, but let me be one of the first to wish you the happiest of holidays, and may all things wonderful come your way in 2022.

Kindest Regards,

Christine Morgan

Vice President