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2018 Summer Manga You Must Read

2018 Summer Manga You Must Read

-Written by: Jenny Lau

If you’re a sucker for romance titles, this manga is a must read. A hilarious romance manga that begins with a otaku girl named Narumi Momose, who has problems finding Mr. Right until she meets her fellow otaku coworker, HIrotaka Nifuji. Afraid to be outed as a otaku to their other coworkers, they end up dating to keep their secret. In an otaku relationship, there is major learning curve of getting to know each other such as preferences on game controllers, watching new anime genres, and the occasional jealous outbursts when the significant other wins a video game. Love isn’t easy especially for an otaku because it can be a sweet lovely mess.

If you enjoy a drama filled story, this title needs to be added to your book pile! I hear the Sun Spot is a unique story that can be enjoyed by all ages for its sentimental plot of having the courage and kindness to accept others. The manga starts off with two boys, one named Taichi, who has hearing loss, and the other named Kochei, a misfit in society. When Kochei decides to be a note taker for Taichi, their relationship intensifies as they help each other grow into a better person. Warning, you may get the feels when you read this one!

What if your family member was a demon goddess? Take a shot on this comedy horror title this summer! A male protagonist, named Yuu suffers from bad luck or bad karma. He loses his parents to a car crash and ends up living with various relatives. His lonely life gets turned around when he meets a beautiful female demon named Chiyo! She grants him one wish; Yuu wishes her to be part his OWN family! An amusing read that follows a magical girlfriend troupe where the unlucky guy gets the all powerful girl! To those of you that enjoy a story of complicated relationships, this title is for you!

There is nothing that describes an adventure when you hear the two words- night life. Venture into your summer nights as your read about an unemployed, 24-year-old woman named Emi Ashiana. She is not much of a partier but decides to go clubbing one night with friends. After her friends leave her behind to flirt with guys, she meets an appealing woman D.J. named Kei. At this moment, Emi is struck by love at first sight. After Hours is not your typical Yuri story. It deviates from the typical high school stories plot line as it explores sexuality in your adult years. Yuri isn’t just for the girls, it’s for the women too!

A classic title for lovers of the action, gore, horror, and fantasy. Reading this manga is more than the dark graphic images; it’s a heroic tale of vengeance and sacrifice. It follows a bold warrior named Guts as he encounters opponents that challenge his worth and gruesome emotional battle scenes. Most fans will agree that there is no lack in quality of the storytelling and content in this dark fantasy. And to be frank, you will be addicted to this series once you start!

Yaoi reads are awesome for their drama and romance. Honestly, for some, it’s a guilty pleasure. This manga is hot, sexy, and obviously contains the most attractive men. As for the story, the two men, named Keisuke and Masayuki, are always at odds with each other until both find out that they have the same secret fetish. With this shared interest, sparks begin to fly and the two become inseparable. An unexpected relationship begins to blossom as both characters realize how perfect they for each other. Jack Ass manga isn’t story you should be ashamed to read, in fact it’s awesome in most every way possible!

Vinland Saga is fun, dramatic, and epic historical fiction story about Viking Invaders. The series begins with a young Viking named Thorfinn, who’s desire is to avenge his murdered father. Written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga is a warrior tale of revenge and redemption. Vinland Saga content is quite breathtaking from its visuals to dialouge, basically it has superb visual narrative! Any one that picks up this series will want to keep reading nonstop!