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Ordering and Payment

Ordering from RightStufAnime.com

All prices are listed in USD. We have a variety of payment methods, and 4 different ways to order:

For your Anime, Manga and More convenience, you can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our secure online store www.rightstufanime.com.

By Phone:
To place an order by phone, call 800.338.6827 during normal business hours (8am-12pm CT and 1pm-4:30pm CT). Please have your credit card and the items you'd like to order ready for our friendly Anime-zing Customer Care staff.

By Mail:
If you are ordering by mail, you can use a credit card, money order, or a domestic check. We do not accept checks drawn on foreign banks, and please do not send cash. We only accept orders in US Currency.

Mail your order form and payment to:

Right Stuf, Inc.
512 NE Main St.
Grimes, IA 50111-2188

By Fax:
You can also FAX your order form to us 24 hours a day at 1.515.986.1129. Please use FINE mode.

Other Ordering FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Process An Order?

Once we have received your order, please allow for 3 -5 business days to process fully in-stock orders, but if you order is not fully in stock, please refer to our partial shipping policy found below. Right Stuf Anime does not consider the weekends or holidays to be business days. It is possible that it could take a little longer than expected but don’t worry, we’re working hard to get your anime and manga out the door as fast as we can!

I Have A Preorder Or Something Out Of Stock On My Order!

Shopping here at Right Stuf allows you to backorder out of stock items. This feature functions like preordering an item that has already been released. Please keep in mind that backordered items and pre-orders may result in your order being held by the system until all items are allocated to the order.

However our system does offer an automatic partial shipment for domestic that can be used if certain internal criteria are met. When RSA initiates the partial shipping, no additional shipping costs will be incurred. Partial shipping will not result in a refund of shipping costs. Regrettably, there may be times where we are unable to fulfill partial shipments due to order volume, but rest assured your order will not be cancelled.

Right Stuf Anime reserves the right, at any time, to partially ship in stock products.

I Don’t Need My Order Anymore, Can I Cancel It?

Yes you can! So long as the order has not entered our warehouse to be fulfilled you are able to cancel your order from your account’s order overview! If you used Paypal or Sezzle, a refund will be set up automatically to go back to the original payment source. Please allow for 2-7 business days to process.

I See The Total On my Bank Twice! Was I Double Charged?

No! So what you are seeing is actually an authorization, not a charge. While it does look like a charge, it is done by the system to test if the funds are there. Those drop off within a few business days. The speed of which it does can depend from bank-to-bank. Sometimes there is an overlap of both the authorization AND bill because of this, but the authorization will drop off.

What Happens If An Item I Ordered Goes Out Of Print?

Dang. That’s a bummer! Fortunately it won’t hold back your order. It will be removed from your order and if you used PayPal or Sezzle to place your order, a refund will automatically be set up to go back to you. If you paid using a credit/debit card, you will not be charged for the item (remember, if you use a credit/debit card, we don't charge you until your order is ready to ship out).

*Please keep in mind that if you check out using PayPal, we are unable to refund cancelled orders or items after 1 year from the time the order was originally placed. If a cancellation occurs for a PayPal order after this time, you will instead receive a gift certificate for the value of the cancellation.

What Does Pending Fulfillment/Shipping or Pending Approval Mean?

Pending fulfillment or shipping means that your order is waiting to be fulfilled! This is our standard status and all orders will generally take this status until they are shipped out. Pending approval means we may need to look at your order on our end of things. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean anything bad is happening, it can happen for a large variety of reasons. Once we have been able to push it through it will then switch to pending fulfillment!

If An Item Is Not In Stock Right Now, Is It Okay to Order?

Yes it is! Shopping here at Right Stuf allows you to backorder out of stock items. This feature functions like preordering an item that has already been released. Please keep in mind that backordered items and pre-orders may result in your order being held by the system until all items are allocated to the order.

There Are Multiple Charges On My Account From You That I Don’t Recognize! What’s Happening!

Seeing unexpected charges can sometimes be a shock! Before you panic please check your current open orders. It is very possible that you may have multiple orders partially shipping what they have available out together! If you suspect that there may be something else going on please do not be afraid to contact us!

I Had Something Preordered But Now It Says It’s Out of Stock! What Gives!

Don’t worry! Your preorder is most likely still intact! Unfortunately it might be slow to come in. There may be times where manufacturers are struggling to get their products in by the release date (here’s looking at you, 2020). If this happens, the preorder status will roll over directly to “out of stock” because we technically don’t have any stock by the date of release! It’s very rare that a preorder would be lost entirely and if that is the case for whatever reason, you will be notified!

Do You Have Free Shipping?

If you are a domestic customer (U.S) and your order is over $75, Economy shipping is free, and if you are a Canadian customer and your order is over $250 (USD), shipping is free.

Some exclusions may apply. You can check the item’s eligibility in the summary box on the item page.

I Lost My Card! How Do I Change It On My Order?

Don’t worry! You can change your card! Please add the card you would like to use to your list of cards on your online account. Once you have done that you can submit a new case or call our fabulous customer care team during standard business hours to get this swapped over for you!

Adding items or Modifying Existing Orders:
Once you have placed your order, you only have 3 business days to add additional items to the order. After 3 business days you will need to place a new order for the additional items. The 3 business day window also applies to moving products between orders, all orders would need to be in that 3 day business window.

Special Ordering Note: All Figures and items marked "Non-Returnable" sales are final. It may be returned for an exchange if defective, if a replacement is not available a Gift Card will be issued.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards accepted at RightStufAnime.com are American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa and JCB. Credit cards are billed when the order is shipped, however an authorization (not a charge) will be performed for a minor amount after the order is placed to confirm the card is valid.

If using a prepaid card, please make certain you have at least $2 more than your order total to allow for the minimum authorization.

We use encryption between your web browser and our servers to encrypt all sensitive data, such as credit card numbers. Immediately following the placement of your order, any credit card data that you store with us is encrypted. This means we do not have access to your actual card number, but can see the last four(4) digits.

NOTE: At RightStufAnime.com we utilize fraud scoring software in order to verify customer orders. The billing address on your order must match your credit card billing address. If software indicates there is a suspicion of fraud, your order may be held for review, or rejected entirely. We reserve the right to decline to ship orders should our fraud scoring indicate potential fraud.


PayPal is accepted at RightStufAnime.com, however please be advised that PayPal transfers the entire amount of your order at the time the order is placed on RightStufAnime.com even if your product is not in-stock. Additionally, these orders cannot be modified to add or remove products, which is a restriction of our PayPal agreement. If you wish to add products, simply place a second order, if you need to remove products, please use the Contact Us form.

Money Orders and domestic checks are only accepted with Mail Orders.

We at RightStufAnime.com try very hard to bring the most amazing anime or manga specific items to you at affordable rates. In order to do this sometimes, items will require a PayPal payment method only. This is due to certain items being manufactured based on the actual number of sales or the item quantities are extremely limited and require prepayment. This is a common practice for items that are of high value or collectible and ensures that our publishers have confidence in the risk they are taking with manufacturing and encourages them to manufacture even more products they might not have considered. Additionally, this practice ensures that your product will ship immediately when the products arrive in our warehouse without delays.

Occasionally PayPal only is restricted to areas of the world where an extraordinary amount of fraud has been detected by our credit card processor. Please feel free to contact us if you are not certain why your order is being restricted to PayPal only and our anime-zing customer care team will research it for you.

Stuf Bucks, how to get them, how to use them?

RightStufAnime.com Stuf Bucks are earned during special promotions and can be used on future purchases after the promotion ends and during the pre-defined redemption period. For more details, please visit our Stuf Bucks FAQ Page!

Sales Tax

We only need to collect sales tax on orders shipping to Iowa. RightStufAnime.com will automatically calculate the sales tax during the checkout process, however if you are submitting a mail order, please include the appropriate amount of tax if you are an Iowa resident.

United Kingdom Residents

Due to changes in UK tax requirements, Right Stuf as the exporter is required to collect UK Duty and VAT on all sales to UK customers at the point of sale. As a positive, this means the product will be delivered tax and duty pre-paid to your door without COD collection. In addition, many smaller orders may no longer be subject to VAT.

More information on this change is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021

When you place an order a duty/tax/fees deposit amount will be calculated. Please note that this amount will include a small payment handling fee. This is the Duty and VAT estimate provided to us, and should be accurate. If for some reason the VAT amount is in error, we will contact you to let you know why and address any difference.