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Meet Our Leaders

Shawne K, a.k.a. The Dark Lord

Is our President and the evil (disturbed) genius behind RightStufAnime.com. The Dark Lord wishes he could be a time traveler so he could go back in time and cut himself off that last glass of wine to prevent hangovers. Seems like a talent he should be able to master without time travel, but we’re not judging. The Dark Lord plans on visiting Saturn as soon as humanly possible, because, “he likes pretty rings”. Actually, he loves shiny things, and can be found staring at the disco ball in his office. He claims it helps him concentrate (plot) better, but occasionally we can hear the sounds of the 70’s coming out of his office. So he might just be stuck in a time warp, but don’t say that to him as he will full on perform the Time Warp for you. Unless of course you want to see that sort of thing, then you should start a social media campaign, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Christine M

Is our Vice President who oversees the day to day operations and recipient of the pranks played by the Dark Lord and the IT staff. If you get a chance to meet her, ask her for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg, she’s still finding them in her office, although they might be a bit stale. Christine’s favorite holiday is Halloween so it was only logical that she joined an Anime company where coming to work dressed as your favorite character would not be frowned upon. When not running around making certain the wheels on the RightStufAnime.com bus are turning, she likes to hang out on her farm making iced tea and visiting with friends. Oh, who’s kidding who, she’s making moonshine and getting drunk with friends, we all have Facebook you know.

Jake H

Is our Social Media Manager when he’s not daydreaming about being on a movie trivia edition of Jeopardy he works tirelessly on our social media image. He misses his past life when he was a Bullpen Catcher for the Chicago Cubs and had an endless supply of stadium hot dogs and sunflower seeds. If you were going to be on a movie trivia team, you would want Jake to be your captain as he excels at naming the movie to famous quotes. While he waits patiently for the return of the Sega Saturn so he can once again play Street Fighter 2, he focuses his energy on managing our Social Media and Email Marketing teams. So, if you find yourself inexplicitly purchasing something you didn’t know you wanted Jake and team have worked their magic. FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestRedditYouTube

John W

Big John is our Warehouse Manager and when people aren’t looking he’s striking muscle poses in front of a poster of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Who he insists has been his best friend since they both had a crush on the same girl when they were 10. Given we have no evidence to support “The Rock” ever living in Iowa, we’re thinking John just never out grew his make-believe friend. Our customers appreciate how efficiently John runs our warehouse and he attributes his success to two things, first the warehouse being a drama free zone, we assume that means only Comedy Anime titles can be enacted in the warehouse, but we’re not sure. Secondly, he fuels the staff with Granny Smith Apples and LOTS of candy. John’s top bucket list item is to sky dive with “The Rock”, we all support his dream (delusion).

Eric H

Is our E-commerce manager and resident Naughty List (Adult) curator. We didn’t really make Eric the curator of the Naughty List, but since usurping the role, no one has really challenged him to take it back. When Eric is not busy making certain our website is functioning properly and our emails are getting sent on time, his hobbies include drunken drawing (he’s actually not bad at either the drunken or drawing part), studying dead things (don’t ask, you won’t sleep EVER again) and trying to convince Siri that the greatest fashion of all time was MC Hammer pants. Siri has yet to be convinced. Eric wants to try skydiving, bungee jumping and hang gliding, but he wants someone to push him. Not because he’s afraid to jump but because if something goes terribly wrong there will be someone to prosecute. NO one is willing to join Eric on these excursions just yet.

Thomas B

Is our Merchandising Manager and is the one responsible for making certain RightStufAnime brings you the best products and prices available. When Thomas isn’t busy scouring the universe for the best Anime specific products, he’s working on writing his own anime called, “Raspberry Mojito”. The best we can tell “Raspberry Mojito” is about a Pokémon type Universe where trainers try to control their Honey Badgers by giving them Raspberry Mojitos. Because you know, Honey Badgers “don’t care”, unless being served Raspberry Mojitos. The story might need work, but given Thomas’ enthusiasm, we certainly aren’t going to rain on his Mojito parade. Thomas’ self-described “perfect day” would be hang gliding with Elon Musk. We’re fairly certain Thomas would be soaring through the air, but most likely not with a hang glider if hanging out with Mr. Musk. But MAN what an adventure!

Peg D

Is our Master of Coin aka Controller. Her mother nicknamed her Angel Pot Pie when she was younger, she has some pretty significant trauma from her older twin sisters trying to make her an actual Pot Pie. Peg is not her given name, but don't even think of calling her by her given name as she will make Kalifa look like a freaking saint. When Peg is not busy making sure we can keep the lights on here at Right Stuf, she’s working on designs for her quilting passion. She’s working on a quilt of invisibility. We think it would be very difficult to sew something you can’t see, but we all have our hobbies and frankly we’re all just a little scared she just might actually accomplish a quilt of invisibility and the terror would begin. So, we smile and bring her wine to keep her from going full Himiko Toga on our asses.