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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Poster (Autographed by Daichi Miura)

The theme song of Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Daichi Miura’s new single “Blizzard” has been released! Japanese singer Daichi Miura released his long-waited 24th single “Blizzard.” The song has been created as the theme song of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Daichi Miura says, “I have watched the dragon ball TV series. Even before my generation, the franchise has already been famous and loved all over the world. I’m really happy and honored to have my music be in the movie.”

Daichi Miura wrote the lyrics, collaborating with Nao’ymt (the producer from Miura’s previous single “Be Myself). “Goku, Vegeta, Broly... those saiyans confront and struggle with walls to break through in the movie. Each of them tries to find his own way. On top of the feelings of those characters, the song has a theme of “Ice World” where the battle happens. In the modern society we live, we get stuck in a lump of ice of various information. How can we break through the ice and be ourself? I felt this is common and universal theme. I kept the theme in my mind as I wrote this lyrics.”, Miura comments.

The producer of the movie, Norihiro Hayashida, also talked about using this song for the movie, “When the production of the movie was announced, we had a definite goal. We aim at the global market as we create the movie. Of course the artist of the theme song needed to be someone who can response to our expectation. The first person who came up to our mind was Mr. Daichi Miura. His high-quality singing and sharp dance skill has been recognized both inside and outside of Japan. Dragon Ball series has been very popular all over the world. So we thought those two factors will create a huge buzz and made an offer for him. When we had a production meeting with Mr. Miura, he had read the original series and the script beforehand and understood the concept very well. His questions during the meeting were very precise. We were so impressed his sincere attitude towards the production. The lyrics we asked him to write turned out to be a great one as it matches with the theme of the movie. We are very satisfied with it. We needed to create a great movie to response to his great music.

Listen to the song, get hyped up, and be prepared for the movie!

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