Zaregoto Novel (Part 1-3) Bundle

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About Zaregoto Novel (Part 1-3) Bundle

The Zaregoto Novel (Part 1-3) Bundle contains Decapitation Kubikiri Cycle Novel, Strangulation Kubishime Romanticist Novel, and Suspension Kubitsuri High School the Nonsense User's Disciple Novel all written by NISIOISIN.

Decapitation: Kubikiri Cycle The Blue Savant and the Nonsense User novel was written by NISIOISIN.

A dropout from an elite Houston-based program for teens is on a visit to a private island. Its mistress, virtually marooned there, surrounds herself with geniuses, especially of the young and female kind—one of whom ends up headless one fine morning.

The top-selling novelist year by year in his native Japan, prolific palindromic phenomenon NISIOISIN made his debut when he was only twenty with this Mephisto Award winner, a whodunit and locked-room mystery at once old-school and eye-opening.

Strangulation: Kubishime Romanticist novel was written by NISIOISIN.

It’s easy to love a person but difficult to continue doing so. Just as murdering a person is easy but continuing to do so is difficult. Unable, probably innately, to look away from the truth under any circumstances, a sincere, honest guy who’s lived thus far without grasping the notion of deceit—namely me—encountered in May a serial killer named Hitoshiki Zerozaki. He was a knife of a will, a knife of a dynamic, and a knife of nonsense.

Suspension: Kubitsuri High School - the Nonsense User's Disciple novel was written by Nisioisin and features illustrations by Take.

An earnestly honest guy who doesn’t even grant pipe dreams to himself, physiologically incapable of letting a single contradiction go, in other words me, got dragged this June to a renowned academy for rich girls, no questions allowed, by the world’s strongest contractor. No matter how you put it, no matter how you spin it, there was probably no point to it. Because the case that arose there was, in and of itself, a bit of nonsense.


  • Publisher: VERTICAL
  • Media: Novels
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery
  • Themes: Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Release Date: 11/24/2019
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.8
  • Written Language: English

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