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Wotakoi Love Is Hard for Otaku Manga Volume 1

17 Reviews
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About Wotakoi Love Is Hard for Otaku Manga Volume 1

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku manga volume 1 contains volumes 1-2 in an omnibus format and features story and art by Fujita.

Narumi Momose has had it rough: Every boyfriend she’s had dumped her once they found out she was an otaku, so she’s gone to great lengths to hide it. When a chance meeting at her new job with childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji almost gets her secret outed at work, she comes up with a plan to make sure he never speaks up. But he comes up with a counter-proposal: Why doesn’t she just date him instead?

In love, there are no save points.


  • Publisher: KODANSHA COMICS
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 4/17/2018
  • Page Count: 256
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Written Language: English

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17 reviews

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The is a must have for your collection...

by -

This book speaks to me in so many ways. Tons of Otaku references from, pop culture, anime and videos games ( Just in case you don't get all the references there is also a glossary). The stories center around a group of young professional that are Otaku. This book contains two volumes from the Japanese release to it quite thick. But you won't want to put it down. I laughed out loud several times reading this book. If you want to laugh at yourself. Pick this up.

Get ready for some fun!

by -

I decided to buy this on a whim, and I am so glad I did. This manga is hilarious, and truly speaks to the otaku inside all of us. The artwork is good and the cover is pleasant to the touch. Not to mention I love the little footnotes on each page! If you at all interested in otaku culture and romance, this is a manga you shouldn't pass up.

This is Too Real, I Love It. Highly Recommend!

by -

I have gotten so many recommendations to read this series and I just want to give everyone a huge Thank you for doing so. This manga isn't only so funny, only heart-warming, and relatable, but the volume itself is such amazing quality. The paper is really high quality, it has beautiful color pages, it's an omnibus with the first two volumes which is also amazing. Thank you Rightstufanime for delivering me such a great series I will get more of and it such great condition.

Please add this series to your shelf

by -

I highly recommend this series to anyone feeling a little lost in their love life.
The first volume is told almost episodically, with one real-life plot happening throughout the two collected volumes along with sprinklings of one-off conversations that influence the main plot and help the reader understand the characters emotions and personalities.
I loved the unusual plot construction because it reflected real life in a way I haven't seen before in other manga or other media in general. It felt like a natural progression of day-to-day life but with themes of love, life, and finding someone who suits your rhythm woven throughout, connecting the day-to-day.
Please add this series to your shelf. The covers are amazing and with three to four full color pages at the beginning of each volume, it makes it completely worth the price.

This book is Great! I LOVED it!!!

by -

This is a story about a couple otaku -- Japanese so into games/anime/manga that they are lacking social skills. Afraid of being outed as otaku -- the girl has lost boyfriends -- she wants it kept secret. She meets a childhood friend and fellow otaku at work. He makes her an offer -- "date me" and he will help her in all kinds of ways. This is the story of them getting together and keeping their secrets from all but a few very select friends. It is my first introduction to manga -- Japanese comic books -- and I absolutely LOVE this story! I think you'll love it, too!

A Good Start


While this volume can be seen as a bit slow at some points. It delivers a well-written story and feels relatable to people that have been in relationships. The characters are likable and surprisingly human as the characters would make the same mistakes as you and I would make in a new romantic relationship. This volume shows the promise of a fun series that could make everyone embarrassed seeing the characters making the same mistakes as they did in their own love life.

"Im so glad you exist" - Hirotaka

by -

Fantastic manga! High quality paper and binding, and Im really impressed that they kept the Japanese jokes in context and provided explanations at the end. Always hate it when they American-ize it...
Fujita has made an awesome manga that scratches that itch for stories about the working class. I'm at work right now, but if I remember correctly, there was a couple pages that contained printing errors, but not big enough to merit giving it a negative rating, just something to be aware of.

One of my favorites!


I really love this manga series! Seeing adult otaku in romances is refreshing as so many manga focus on teens. The characters are unique, fun, and relatable to otaku like myself. Wotakoi is also VERY funny, getting laughs and smiles with dry humor and the character's reactions to the situation they end up in. I definitely recommend it!

Slow Burn but great overall

by -

The relationship development in a nerdy couple addicted to games. It is a little slow as other reviews have indicated, but something pretty unique as far as I have seen from manga. Modern day with a girl keeping up the front of being normal while interested in a guy who does not hide it. The encounters are in an adult setting and not in high school, which really allowed them to move to better comedic scenes.

One of my All-time Favorites


I don't know what people are saying about it being "slow", it's a great pace, personally. The characters are in their mid- to late twenties and just living their office life. They discover everyone is an otaku is some way and become a great group of friends! It flows the way I expect it should, if I was in the same position. It's hilarious, wonderful, and I just relate to it so much. I've re-read the first 3 volumes at least 6x now. It never gets old!

A staple for any adult shoujo fans!

by -

This has quickly become one of my favorite series! This is a hilarious and heart-warming story. I honestly cant recommend it enough. This is a collection of two volumes, with a slightly larger-than-usual book. The color pages are beautiful and it's a blast to read!

Love is Hard, But Reading is Not

by -

I really loved this manga! Each volume of the English release for Wotakoi comes with 2 volumes of the original Japanese release, so although the price looks a bit expensive for just 1 volume, you're really getting double the content. The color pages at the beginning of each of the volumes are really beautiful, and the story - one that explores love into adulthood rather than just high school romance - is something that I really enjoyed.

Wotakoi will have you laughing your head off...

by -

You need to have this book (and series) in your collection. It's funny, relatable, and you can get all the references (at least by the end of the book ;).

With RightStuf, they are really good with shipping! The product always comes brand new and very clean. The product has always come in the time frame they say it will come!

super funny

by -

This book is super fun to read and the characters are hilarious. I really loved the book and its perfect for people who need a good laugh. The book also came in perfect condition! The cover is super cool since the grey background that says "Love is hard for an otaku" is actually only visible in certain angles.

Cute Romance for Otaku Couples

by -

One of the first romance series me and my boyfriend watched together. Adorable story and great characters! I love that they have multiple mini comics and color pages in the physical editions!

you NEED to add this to your collection!!!

by -

i bought this (impulsively) after hearing so many great reviews on it… and im SO glad i did. i’m in love with this series and all the characters. it’s heartwarming, cute, and funny (it has made me laugh out loud several times). im in love with the art style and it looks amazing on my shelf. it’s definitely in my top 5 of all the manga i’ve read. you need to read it!!!!

Pleasant Surprise


Honestly, I'm not into romance at all. I usually only focus on Shonen, and Seinen manga. This is my first dive into romance and I can confidently say that it's got me into the genre. Wotakoi gives such a nice and friendly feeling all around, and shows you ups and downs of relationships. Shows you how to be a healthier partner, and so on. This is definitely something to check out, for anyone getting into romance, or just looking to pick something new up.