Welcome to the NHK Complete Series DVD SAVE Edition

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About Welcome to the NHK Complete Series DVD SAVE Edition

This S.A.V.E. Edition Welcome to the NHK complete series collection contains episodes 1-24.

Sato's life is going down the drain. He's dropped out of college, only goes outside once a week, and sleeps sixteen hours a day. Surviving on a steady diet of internet porn sites, he finds himself falling further into a pit of despair. Then he has a sudden epiphany. Sato decides that the sinister broadcast company known as "The NHK" is trying to transform their viewers into jobless, societal recluses, and they bombard them with images of cutesy anime girls.

Unable to resist the charms of such addictive programming, innocent victims like Sato are soon too busy watching TV, reading erotic comics, and playing pornographic computer games to pursue a normal life.

In Sato's darkest hour, he has a chance encounter with a beautiful girl named Misaki, who claims that she can cure him of his perverse ways. Is this mysterious visitor an angel of mercy, or a devilish agent of the NHK? Will he get a job and counter the evil organization, or will he submit to his weakness and download porn all day? Swimming in a sea of corruption, Sato prepares for the battle of his life. Welcome to the NHK!

Special Features: Textless Songs, Trailer.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Themes: School Life, Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 600
  • Release Date: 10/12/2010
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.33
  • Region Code: 1

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Well worth watching


There are very few anime series I actually want to watch more than once, Welcome to the NHK is on that list. I was skeptical about it during the first 10 minutes of episode one, but it quickly turned into a show I couldn't stop watching.

I'm not a wordsmith so I'll leave any detailed review to others. Rightstuf had this at a great price, so give this one a chance and I hope you enjoy it!

Great anime! A must own for any collection!


Welcome to the NHK is a blast, it's funny, chaotic, and a tad bit eye opening. 22 Year old Satou Tatsuhiro is a NEET, and completely off the deep end at that. He believes that an evil organization call the N.H.K. is behind not only his, but everyone else's hikikomori way. He then decides to make a change, to break his hikikomori ways, with the help of a few others, that is. Thus begins the amazing, dark, sarcastic, and crazy tale that is Welcome to the NHK. This is a must own series for any anime collector/enthusiast.

Puru Pururin


I have this horrible habit for stumbling into the weirdest anime and then being unable to stop watching until I've finished it, no matter how bad it is.

Right Stuf has this at an excellent price, and out of curiosity I picked it up with a few other things.

So. Happy. I. Did.

Meet Satou. (Seriously. You'll meet him whether you want to or not, so tell yourself you want to and get it over with.) And everything about his life his habits his impulses his failures and no matter who you are or what you're going to, you'll find something in him that you can relate to.

The script is unbelievable, with parodies on the ways of an otaku, being an online gamer, socially awakward outcasts and, oh right, hentai. There's so much more to this that parodies though! It's funny and sweet with just the right amount of bitter to bite down on to keep your diabetes from acting up. Suicide clubs, rejection, mental abuse, the expectations of your parents and your peers and the world... yada yada.

There's literally something in this anime for anyone. The words and thoughts expressed here-in are just so oddly real, but it's anime?

Just buy it. It's cheap. And if you don't like it, send it to someone else and they'll tell you you're crazy.

Love it!


I'd watched 1 episode of this anime before I decided to buy it. I love the crazyness of it! I'm not gonna say anything about it, but it kinda makes you wanna keep watching it over and over. Misaki is a mystery until the very end. You'll wanna watch it, believe me! So buy it and watch it! :3

Thank you Rightstuf!

A must have for any anime fan.


This show is truly a masterpiece. One of the best of all time. Won't give a plot summary just but it, watch it, and enjoy.

10 out of 10!

NHK year 10


Despite it's 10th year when it was originally aired in Japan... this is a very good series...

It's a slice of life dark comedy of being a NEET / Hikikomori... when you watch this series it's either you laugh or pity the protagonist... it's also a good eyeopener....

Highly recommended...

A True to Life Anime

by -

It's not often that anime focuses in on the particulars and problems of reality, but Welcome to the NHK does just that and is strong because of it. This series humanizes its characters through and in spite of their flaws and weaknesses. Welcome to the NHK is definitely work which will stand the test of time, and it deserves its place among any anime collection.

Love it.


Amazing anime! Just wish it was on blu-ray.