Vinland Saga Manga Volume 3 (Hardcover)

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About Vinland Saga Manga Volume 3 (Hardcover)

Vinland Saga volume 3 features story and art by Makoto Yukimura in this hardcover edition.

In a gambit to become the power behind the Danish and English thrones, Askeladd has taken the prince, Canute, and plunged deep into a winter storm behind enemy lines. Canute's father, King Sweyn, gives him up for dead in his haste to suppress English resistance. But Askeladd's small band can't outrun the tenacious maniac Thorkell forever, and when the warriors finally clash, a storm of sweat and gore ensues that will turn a boy into a man and a hostage into a ruler of men!


  • Publisher: KODANSHA COMICS
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Themes: Historical
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 4/29/2014
  • Page Count: 454
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.35
  • Written Language: English

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Starting to grow up...

by -

If you like the Vikings tv series, or vikings in general, or brooding badasses out for vengeance, or cold remorseless mercenaries, this is a great series. Warning though: this series does change tone over time.

This volume is the most action-packed yet, but it also begins to get more political and philosophical. The story (and at least one important character) begins to mature. This is my favorite volume out of the eight I've read so far.

Askeladd, you glorious bastard!

by -

Really, if you've been with the series so far, you know exactly what to expect, gore fights and all.. 'cause boy oooh boy do the fights kick it up a notch (which is really saying something)

Kodansha continues to make these 2-in-1 releases great: hardcover massive volume, couple color illustrations, lil map to mark where we been and some vikings notes

Must Buy


Loving the usage of color pages in the middle of the volume. Being used during a critical duel between Thorfinn and Thorkell really hypes up the fight. We learn more of Thors history before he left the Jomsvikings through Thorkell during the duel.The real question of the volume is can Prince Canute be relied upon if he becomes King. The volume ends with an unlikely alliance between our characters. The story is moving forward at a great pace I'm constantly getting more and more excited to keep on reading!