Vampire Hunter D OVA Blu-ray

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About Vampire Hunter D OVA Blu-ray

Vampire Hunter D takes place 10,000 years in the future, and for 10,000 years, Count Magnus Lee has walked the night, sustained by an unholy thirst for blood and an unending lust for human women. But when he tastes the sweet nectar running through Doris Lang's veins, the Count knows he has found more than his next meal: this is the woman he intends to claim as his next vampire bride.

As the daughter of a werewolf hunter, however, Doris Lang is less than willing to step into the thrall of evil. And if she is unable to defend herself from the Count's nightmarish powers, she is fortunate enough to have found someone who can: the Vampire Hunter known as D. But D is no ordinary man, and signing up for his protection may carry a price of its own.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Horror
  • Themes: Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Run Time: 80
  • Release Date: 8/25/2015
  • Weight: 0.33

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

A fan favorite given a fresh new coat of paint… er, blood.

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Anyone expecting VAMPIRE HUNTER D to feature anything in the way of flashy visuals need be warned: this is a low-budget Japanese animated feature, with stilted animation that can make the film feel dated, a feeling extended even to its sometimes synthy sounding soundtrack. Faults aside, it still delivers some entertainment value for viewers willing to overlook such technical shortcomings. There's an interest and intrigue to this tale of a mysterious "vampire hunter" who comes to the aid of an unfortunate girl who is attacked by a "noble," particularly in the mystery of wondering who this man really is. It's violent and not for squeamish viewers, but it still has some interest. Sentai's presentation of the movie is extremely well done; the movie has never looked better on BD, and their new dub is a big improvement over the cheesy and dated Streamline version, with David Wald in particular turning in an impressively charismatic and sinister performance as the evil Count Lee.

One of my favorite anime movies of all time

by -

Sentai Filmworks did an incredible job with their HD remaster of the 1985 film. Visually the colors of the film are wonderful, even to notice little differences that weren't noticeable in previous home releases of this film. This release has a brand new English dub. The overall voice acting talent is ok, especially the improved talent for some of the smaller characters in the film, but the voice actors for Doris, D and Magnus Lee aren't as good as the original voice actors. The new dub does follow closer to the Japanese film, for example Magnus Lee doesn't speak in the beginning as he does in the original English dub. So if you were hoping for a new HD remaster with the original English dub, this is not it, but you may enjoy the new English dub. Although, maybe Sentai had no choice, but to make a new dub due to the process of making this new remaster. On the other hand if you only care to watch it in Japanese, definitely buy this.

The classic reborn in HD. . . sorta


I jumped on this when I saw it was coming out on blu-ray. I have an old DVD copy of the film so I was really excited at the idea of watching Vampire Hunter D in HD. I can say that the picture is definitely remastered and the audio is fantastic considering the original film came out 30 years ago. I guess I was expecting an HD picture is all. For any who may have the same expectation, know that the film is 4x3 Pan&Scan, so you will have black bars on the side of your picture. That is the only reason this does not get 5 stars. This is otherwise great whether you watch in English or Japanese (and I do not usually like dubs). Highly recommended to any and all anime fans!

Vampire Hunter D OVA

by -

I like it a lot but the new dub was a little bit uncomfortable , not a deal breaker although and video is relay top notch . Glade to have it in my collection and it will get multiple viewings along the years .

Fantastic movie-better than the old DVD copy hands down!


The fresh dub from the old DVD was very nice. The feel of the movie menu was good and easy to use. As far as the imagery, its even better than when I saw it on an animation station on TV over 23 years ago. The functionality was top class and it was a blast to watch it. A wonderful trip down memory lane. The brooding hero standing for humanity while not being fully human, the maiden wishing to fight the darkness while unable to fight it on equal terms, and the arrogant old Vampire seeking the girl and mocking others as an aristocrat claiming noble ideals the Ancestor set down though it's his twisted slant on them. High Noon scenario among the children of the night...only this time the good guy is dressed in black. After all, he's evil's undertaker!

Meh Anime classic

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I'm all for classic Anime, but I wasn't fond of this one. The storyline is kinda meh, and the characters aren't anything special. Neither is the animation. The core concept is nice, but it really needed a full-throated treatment to really shine. OK title though. The new dub is better than the awful Streamline one, though; I wasn't so thrilled with the Japanese track on this one, but the VAs on the new dub are well-suited. And I don't usually think much of Sentai dubs!

It's time to kill some f****** Vampires!


The year is 12,090. 10,000 years in the future! The world has suffered nuclear world wars & humans are decreasing due to the new food chain. The Vampires known as the nobles are out & so are all of the evil that has crawled out of the darkness in this new world.

Doris Lang is one such human who is fighting these monsters but she is gonna need some help from an unlikely person.

Vampire Hunter D is an old school anime from 1985 created from the novels written by Hideyuki Kikuchi in the earlier 80s. Its themes of horror & fantasy mixed with 80s anime are nostalgic. I watched this for the first time on the Sci-fi channel during Saturday Anime.

It would be great if Sentai Filmworks would have included the original audio, the new one had good supporting & extra character voices but the main character's voices were not. Visuals were great in HD, Audio was also very good, Menu is quick & easy. Extras are basic.

Now go check out the novels & definitely check out Vampire Hunter D Boodlust!