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Utamonogatari Monogatari Series Theme Song Compilation Album Limited Edition (Import)

7 Reviews
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About Utamonogatari Monogatari Series Theme Song Compilation Album Limited Edition (Import)

This Utamonogatari Monogatari Series Theme Song Compilation contains the following:

  • 2 CDs + 1 Blu-ray Disc (featuring textless openings and endings)
  • All 23 opening and ending songs from "Bakemonogatari" through Monogatari Series 2nd Season!
  • Cover art newly illustrated by Akio Watanabe (character designer).

Disc 1 **The order of tracks subject to change

1. Staple Stable / Hitagi Senjyogahara (Chiwa Saito)

2. Kaeri-michi / Mayoi Hachikuji (Emiri Kato)

3. Ambivalent World / Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro)

4. Ren-ai-Circulation / Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa)

5. Sugar Sweet Nightmare / Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie)

6. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari / Supercell

7. Futa-koto Me / Hitagi Senjyogahara (Chiwa Saito)

8. Marshmallow Justice / Karen Araragi (Eri Kitamura)

9. Platina Disco / Tsukihi Araragi (Yuka Iguchi)

10. Naisho no Hanashi / ClariS

11. Perfect Slumbers / Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie)

12. Kieru Daydream / Marina Kawano

Disc 2 **The order of tracks subject to change

1. Chocolate Insomnia / Tsubasa Hanekawaa (Yui Horie)

2. Happy Bite / Mayoi Hachikuji (Emiri Kato)

3. Ai wo Utae / Luna Haruna

4. The Last Day of My Adolescence / Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro)

5. -Shirushi- / Marina Kawano

6. Mousou Express / Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa)

7. White Lies

8. Sono Koe wo Oboeteru / Marina Kawano

9. Fast Love / Hitagi Senjyogahara (Chiwa Saito)

10. Kogarashi Sentiment / Hitagi Senjyogahara (Chiwa Saito) & Deishu Kaiki (Shinichiro Miki)

11. Snowdrop / Luna Haruna x Marina Kawano

Disc 3 Bonus Blu-ray

Textless Openings and Endings (except for Onimonogatari opening "White Lies" which includes text).


  • Media: CD
  • Release Date: 1/18/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Sucker for Monogatari


I'm a huge fan of the monogatari series, including the theme songs. So, even though it felt I little strange to purchase a physical CD, I'm digging this set. The art is a lot of fun, and the songs are great. I love the variety of musical styles that show the different characters' personalities. I wish they had chosen a different style of case, rather then 3 standard CD cases in a plastic sleeve. They are fragile and look cheap, which this certainly isn't. In fact, I had to return a set because the first chance arrived completely shattered. Rightstuf made it right though, so kudos to them.

Consolation for a poorer fan


The Monogatari series has some of the catchiest and most visually interesting openings and endings I've seen but buying all of the blu-rays is unquestionably outside of my budget. Is $40 for two CDs and a blu-ray disc a bit expensive? Perhaps, but this is one of the cheapest (legal) ways to own some of the iconic bits of the Monogatari series without paying an arm and a leg (Side note: paying $5 more for the limited edition blu-ray is a no-brainer). All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase and I especially like the distinctive packaging.

A great addition to your Monogatari collection


Aniplex of America did a great job bringing this import to the US. This release offers a compilation of the various theme songs found in the Monogatari series. Monogatari is well known for its great opening music so fans of the series will not be disappointed with this release. There is also an included Blu-ray which offers a clean opening for each song. This particular release includes each OP and ED from Bakemonogatari up to Monogatari 2nd Season.

A definitive collection of opening and closing songs from bakemonogatari to hanamonogatari

by -

I love this collection it contains all the music from bakemonogatari to hanamonogatari on 2 discs. The fist disc contains 12 tracks and the second disc contains 11 tracks. The special edition comes with a DVD containing all the openings and closings videos without text which looks really nice and is a great extra. Also the covers fir each case as a original drawing of each heroine by Vofan. If you love all things monogatari related this is a nice addition to your collection.

A musical love letter

by -

I had my doubts regarding some of the songs. I wasn't sure if the songs could stand by themselves without the beautiful opening/ending animations to go with. Well, I after listening the 23 songs (opening & ending songs) I realize I had nothing to be worried about. The songs are not only unique and charming but the fit perfectly the mood of each series. This edition comes with an awesome blu ray with all the openings and endings included in the cd. The illustrations included with the cd are just beautiful. This is recommended not only for fans of Monogatari but fans of animations and music in general.

Magnificent Musical Monogatari

by -

What can I say? I'm a huge Monogatari fan so Utamonogatari is a must-have for me. Thankfully, I already adore the music in the series and the songs in this compilation stand very well on their own.

The set itself is compact and pretty, with a very cool, Monogatari-esque, 90's color scheme and some little inserts in each of the 3 disks with lyrics written in kanji/extra art.

As someone who has very eclectic musical taste, listening to anything from folk to metal to trance, I can also appreciate the diversity of style you find throughout the OPs and EDs as well. The only reason this is 4/5 stars is because I would have appreciated English-translated lyrics or at least romanji in the inserts, as well as perhaps a sturdier/more stylish case (it is a flimsy, plastic case, but it's definitely passable as intentionally minimalist). Regardless, excellent compilation for a very reasonable price ($39.98 at the time of this writing).

Arrived in poor condition but still playable

by -

I am a huge fan of the monogatari franchise and follow their release schedule religiously. As a result I stumbled upon this item a couple of months ago and finally got the money together to get it. This was my first purchase on this website and I was disappointed of its condition when it arrived. I am aware that CD cases are relatively fragile but there were large cracks along the front face of the first CD and an even larger one on the back cover of the last CD. Thankfully the discs themselves were still intact but I expected more from a website dedicated to anime merchandise.