Turn A Gundam Part 1 DVD

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About Turn A Gundam Part 1 DVD

Turn A Gundam Part 1 contains episodes 1-25.

For 2000 years, a separate race of humanity has lived on the moon. Known as "the Moonrace," their technology is leaps and bounds beyond those that stayed behind on the Earth's surface. Now seeking to return to their original home, the Moonrace send three teenagers - Loran, Keith, and Fran - down to Earth on a reconnaissance mission to test the viability of its environment.

After spending a year on Earth, Loran has become good friends with Sochie and Kihel, daughters of the prestigious Heim family, and he looks forward to fully integrating into Earth society. But before Loran gets the chance to make his report, the Moonrace launch a surprise attack. Earth's primitive airplanes are no match for the superior power of the Moonrace's mobile suits. However, in the midst of the initial attack, Loran and Sochie uncover a long-forgotten relic: a white mobile suit. As a Moonrace member, Loran is quickly able to grasp the basics of piloting it, but by doing so, he inadvertently places himself in the middle of a war.

Special Features: Clean Opening and Closing.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: SUNRISE INC
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Mecha, Space
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 625
  • Release Date: 6/30/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: 1

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Masterwork from the master.

by -

Turn A was the 20th Anniversary Gundam series created by the originator of all Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino. A real departure from previous works, it's living proof that Tomino San is the only one who should shepherd these works on television and film. He is the master, he is the creator, and it's his creation. And Turn A is indeed a masterwork, to rival his all time greatest, Space Runaway Ideon. And indeed, Tomino works in sly references to this work and his even earlier Brave Raideen. Volume 1 features the first 25 episodes and unfolds the saga of a retro tech Earth, an advanced race of humans from the Moon, and the "Dark History" that binds them both. An essential cornerstone of the True Gundam saga and the Tominoism movement, this is a must for the true fan.

Absolutely Fantastic!

by -

I have been a fan of the Gundam franchise for years and i'm extremely glad that more of the franchise is being released!

The cover art is beautiful and the series itself is one of, if not the best Gundam series to be released so far. The world of Turn A is amazing and is an easy series for a person who is not familiar with Gundam to be introduced to to the franchise. Turn A is a great series for mecha fans as well as those not familiar with the genre. The world, story, characters, as well as a soundtrack by the talented composer Yoko Kanno create a wonderful atmosphere that is engaging and unique.

Turn A is an anime classic that should be watched by every anime fan at some point!

Turn A Gundam - A Series to Treasure

by -

It's been many years since I've been able to enjoy watching Turn A Gundam. And the first time I've ever been able to view it with wonderful official subtitles. If you've ever been interested in this series, even tangentially, I'd highly recommend at least this part 1 DVD set. Turn A is a bizarre mix of high tech futurism and low-tech almost steam punk colonial era elements. It's an odd mix that has put people off at their initial encounters before, but make no mistake. Turn A Gundam is a masterpiece. Yoshiyuki Tomino has had highs and lows through out his illustrious career but this is definitely another peak for franchise originator. Turn A is touching, painful, joyful, & interesting. And these DVD's fulfill a dream of owning one of my favorite Gundam series ever. I would highly recommend doing yourself a favor and picking this set up as well.

Naive Pacifism, Victorian Fashion, and Invaders from the Moon!

by -

I was told by my Gundam-loving fans this was a great starting series, and as a newbie I have to agree. This is an intricate story with complex conflicts and powerful themes, with at least a dozen characters worth caring about on both sides of the conflict between WW1-technology Earth, and the much more advanced lunar forces. The strong sentiment of pacifism, embodied constantly in the main character, may be a bit naive or childish to some, but I found it an endearing and and refreshing change of pace from the darker and more grim shows I usually watch.

This is a great DVD release as well; the discs are compactly secured in a slim case, and the artwork featured on the DVDs and in the cover are absolutely gorgeous. There's also an interesting interview with an American concept artist for the vehicle designs in the show.

If you enjoyed the heartfelt sentiment and '80s animation of shows like Robotech, or just like giant robots, this is well worth it.

What moonlight through yonder window breaks?


Turn A is finally in the West, 1.5 decades after I first heard of it. RS's Part I release is very impressive: 25 episodes across 6 dual-layer DVDs, each lavishly adorned with Akira Yasuda's art. The image quality is superb; I suspect these descended from Japan's recent Blu-ray remaster.

I thought, "Let me check out just a bit." I popped in Disc 1. And then 2. Then 3. 4 5 6. Utter enchantment! How had I missed so captivating a work for so long?

Special mention must be made for Yoko Kanno's music, in particular the hauntingly majestic Moon. It must be special for Kanno herself, too, since Moon was how she revealed to the world in 2009 that she and Gabriela Robin were one and the same.

Turn A Gundam is a masterpiece, simultaneously unique and familiar, a mysteriously crafted world peppered with hints of what underlies it all. Do you enjoy Gundam? Don't miss Turn A. Have you never enjoyed Gundam? Don't miss Turn A. As its title says, there is something in it for all.

worth the wait


for those that want to enjoy the gundam experience but not bother with the newtype nonsense of the universal century, then this series is a must have. however personally i would skip it for now, UNTIL there is an english dub version

A visually striking Gundam series

by -

From the moment I learned of it, Turn A Gundam has always seemed to be one of the most visually-striking Gundam series. The whole Victorian steampunk-look meshes well with the distinct and sleeker look of the eponymous mobile suit. Thanks to RightStuf, we US Gundam fans can now enjoy this series, which was originally released to mark the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

The color is crisp here. The screen ratio is good. The theme song of “Turn A, turn. Turn A, turn. Turn AAAAAA” is now stuck in my head. Thanks RightStuf!

Turn A Turn!

by -

When I was younger and first saw an image of the Turn A Gundam, I laughed and made a joke about it's Mustache. I wrote the show off as goofy and for a long time ignored it.

With age comes wisdom, and Turn A Gundam is now one of my favorite Gundam shows ever created. It takes a fresh spin on Gundam with its setting, and the animation is gorgeous. The last Gundam show made with traditional cel animation really benefits from having an amazing team behind it.

If you haven't watch it yet, give Turn A a chance to make you fall in love with Gundam all over again.