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About Time of Eve Art Cards

The Time of Eve Art Cards will feature four random characters from Time of Eve: The Movie. This set of four is perfect for fans and will be a perfect addition to any collection!


  • Publisher: PIED PIPER
  • Media: Wall Art
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Release Date: 10/19/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.2

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Inaccurate description

by -

Don't bother buying more than one set of these cards: they are NOT "random"! I bought two sets, figuring I'd get a pretty good mix out of them, but both were identical. Admittedly, the cards are well-made and packaged, but the description is wrong.

Nifty Cards


Of the four cards I received, three are not pictured and are:

Akiko (2) One sitting and smiling (top most card in picture) and one sitting and reading
Koji in a contemplating pose
Sammy sipping from a saucer and holding something. (cooking utensil?)

The cards did NOT come in a sealed package like trading cards would but instead in an unsealed, thin clear bag ('EnvyPak' and 'USPS Approved Poly' stamped on sides). They measure 147mm x 120mm slightly taller than wide and look to be made of quality cardstock, with a light glossy look. If these were of a series that I cared about I think I'd be happy with them.

I did knock off a star for lack of backgrounds. Artistic choice? Saving on printing costs? Either way they do have a slightly barren feel to them.

Not Random

by -

As another reviewer has stated, don't bother buying more than one set, they are NOT random. I bought two sets in different orders and still got the exact same set. Another reviewer described them as well, 2 of Akiko, 1 of Koji, and 1 of Sammy taste testing.


by -

I added these to my cart since they were a buck during a sale. Even then, I still feel I overpaid. The artwork is boring and item itself seems like something you would get at a freebie table in a convention. Unless you are a fan of the movie, save your money.

Somewhat random; Most sets contain the same cards.

by -

I would say the cards are random but you have to order more than 5 to get a true mix of cards. The four shown in the thumbnail are the most common. (I have at least 4 each of the cards shown) I have ordered 6 sets of these sets (24 cards total). So far I have 10 different cards. Most of the sets have the same cards in them but I have gotten a few sets that contain cards not shown in the thumbnail. Not worth much unless you are a fan of the show. As of writing they are 0.99 for four cards so why not?