The Terrifying Girl Disorder Game

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About The Terrifying Girl Disorder Game

The Terrifying Girl Disorder is a card collection game for 3-4 players usually played for 30 minutes per game.

Inspired by Kyusaku Yumeno’s novel Dogra Magra, this compact card game from the designer of The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is set in a world where young girls “bloom” into women with powerful psychic abilities. To control these “terrifying” young women, the World Ascension Society sends operatives into girls’ schools to identify these “blossoms”. An accident leads to all the girls at one school losing their memories—including the WAS agent—and now they must rebuild their identities by collecting clues to their past. By collecting and melding cards, players try to identify which girl they really are, but their identities are not really known until the end of the game. In an added twist, each girl has her own unique victory conditions!


  • Publisher: JAPANIME GAMES
  • Media: RPG/Board Games
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Release Date: 8/22/2018
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

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Wicked! Tricksy! FALSE!

by -

It has the POTENTIAL to be fun, but only if you’re on the winning end. If not, it gets a little, shall we say, “competitive”. It’s a pretty complicated game, and will take you more than one session to figure out all the strategies (aside from the single autopilot girl who takes no effort to play, unlike any of the others). Some of the strategies take so much anticipation to win that it’s not even worth it (NEVER try to win with Enju, because you will always lose). The girls range from severely underpowered to just plain broken, making some of them just not a viable option to be at all. Due to the limited rounds, you don’t really have time to stockpile cards and come up with any grand strategy or endgame. If you don’t work with what you start with, you will have no chance of winning. The number of players is very restricted, so that’s another bummer. It’s cheap, and I got it for cheaper, so if you wanna try out a game that’s different, this one is very much so.