The Patients of Dr. Maro Blu-ray

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About The Patients of Dr. Maro Blu-ray

In The Patients of Dr. Maro, Hikomaro, better known as Dr. Maro, knows his way around the human body and can stick a thermometer in like a professional. Unfortunately, his medical ethics are seriously lacking, his concept of an appropriate Doctor-Patient relationship is entirely inappropriate, and his common sense is as non-functional as his sense of morality.

When Sakimi and Masashi, a young married couple, come to inquire about a medical issue and to consult on the possibility of having children, what starts as a routine breast exam spirals madly out of control. Then, when Dr. Maro's far too intimate examination of the blushing bride results in a bashing husband, Maro finds his manual dexterity severely reduced by a pair of casts. Even then, Maro finds a way to come out on top, and to keep the not-so-good doctor from suing her husband, Sakimi must become his VERY personal servant!


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Erotica, Fantasy
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Run Time: 50
  • Release Date: 6/13/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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5 stars to softcel pictures for u


I was starting to worry we would forever be stuck with censored hentai. Not many people who would risk having physical hentai in the house. :/ But i am for sure jumping on this buy. We need to show that we will buy a physical copy if it is released. Otherwise we will be stuck with Mosaic everytime we want to watch some hentai. And this is a pretty great hentai too. And for nice price.

Initial Impressions

by -

Just got my copy in and wanted to give my initial impressions.

It comes with a reversible cover, which is a nice clean "non hentai" alternative. On the back it has a synopsis with 8 non risky screenshots. Even the spine is plain text with no image. Which makes it great to put on the shelf with your other Blu-rays.

The "Adults Only" rating is also on the back & not plastered on the front like most nhentai releases.

The disc art is absolutely gorgeous. It's not just a copy & paste of the cover art.

I took a chance on this release & was pleasantly surprised.

Uncensored hentai in glorious 1080p on Blu-ray Disc

by -

This is Softcel Pictures 1st hentai on Blu-ray Disc. I heard about it 3 months ago and I was really surprised that we're getting uncensored hentai in blu-ray quality. I've pre-ordered it right away.

The video quality looks amazing on blu-ray in 1080p and the audio quality is pretty good. It looks like they went all out on this release. It has a reversible cover, disc art, includes 2 episodes, & it's uncensored in 1080p. I'm using the reversible cover because I like how lewd it looks on the blu-ray case. The disc art is pretty lewd too. The cover art is the one with the black background & reversible cover is the uncensored one with the colorful background.

They've 4 other hentai titles releasing this year. This is well worth the money and for a good price too. I was pretty amazed at how semi-recent this hentai title is. It came out on 5/1/15-6/5/15 in Japan. If we show them our support, we could possibly get even more hentai uncensored on Blu-ray Disc @ 1080p. *coughKuroinucough*

Finally some HQ, uncensored action

by -

In a world of online hentai I have to say this makes buying physical copies worth it. The price is a total steal for high quality animation with absolutely no censorship! The story line is decent and I enjoyed it. The packaging comes with a reversible sleeve, one side has SFW (almost) pictures including the cover shown here, and the other side has NSFW uncensored images for your personal preference. This is definitely a trend I hope continues.