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The Devil's Virgins Blu-ray

4 star rating out of 5
6 Reviews
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About The Devil's Virgins Blu-ray

The Devil's Virgins contains episodes 1-2.

Mikoto and Takeru love their friend Tachibana, but Tachibana has a terrifying secret hidden inside him: a demon of monstrous evil waiting to be set free! That's not the sort of thing that can be cured with an over-the-counter medication, but Hatsune, the girls' mother, has a plan that might be able to trap the demon forever. The catch is that Hatsune must have sex with Tachibana, and then one of her daughters must sleep with him as well, thereby conceiving a new demon to counter the first. 

Fortunately for their demonically infested friend, Mikoto and Takeru are more than willing to do the dirty deed, as well as quite a few other things that normally wouldn't be approved of between sisters! The 3-way sex-orcism only gets wilder and more devilishly complicated when yet another girl is pulled into the act of sating Tachibana's inner demon!

Special Features: Reversible Cover


  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Erotica, Fantasy
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Run Time: 50
  • Release Date: 7/11/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

5 star rating out of 5

A must "Buy and hide" hentai!


Looks really good. The uncensored bits are beautifull and the action looks hot. Looks fetish focused and thats a big bonus for me. Clearly a great deal for those who enjoy their study sessions blur free. I will be adding this to my hidden collection for sure ;D

5 star rating out of 5

The best tentacle series!

by -

Never in my years as an expert tentacle hentai philosopher would I have expected to see some of Inyouchuu (dubbed The Devil's Virgins here) get licensed for a localized release! Video and audio quality is top notch. Full 2 episodes. Uncensored genitalia was drawn very nicely too and not sloppy. No dub, but in 2017 I don't think many anime fans care anymore, plus Japanese VA's do it best.

If the cover doesn't scare you away... you can see sisters, the haughty redhead Mikoto and the cunning Takeru, both belly full of demonic and tentacle milk, eggs, who the heck knows! Inyouchuu has its main emphasis on interspecies impregnation and breeding, making it all the hotter and wilder than your normal vanilla tentacle series. The weirder the better. If you've been craving some good monster/tentacle action, this is a goodie. Let us hope that SoftCel can license the other two OVA's in the series, as I like them even more, especially Shoku - my favorite hentai OVA of all time.

3 star rating out of 5

Really wanted to like it, but not enough there.

by -

I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately the first episode on the disc starts great, and then takes way too long with exposition before the real fun begins. Plus the scenes with the woman and their monster lovers are a bit boring, lasting only a couple minutes each and not much action within those scenes.

The second episode on the disc seems like it should be more fun with the edition of a catgirl, but the story is almost entirely the same as the first episode, down to nearly identical sex scenes with the original two women and the new scene with the neko left quite a bit to be desired.

Overall, I would say get this if you want to see some monster-on-girl action uncensored, but don't expect this one to be all that exciting.

3 star rating out of 5

nice anime better manga

by -

If you read the manga first it's slightly disappointing has the same characters as the manga but whole different story line. Does have some good points. Very short.

4 star rating out of 5

Good first step into the extreme

by -

I got this one on sale (like usual) and I did enjoy this title. It's one of the first I bought this one is not a vanilla title so if you don't like it out there kinky probably best to pass on this. It's not one that I would consider extreme but definitely above average. I found the second episode a bit repetitive but seems to expand one the encounters from this first more. It does have more story than other titles you will find and they do have an objective other than the sex. The second episode did seem to force the 3rd character like they had forgot about her in the first episode so that hurts the story scale. I would rate the story higher if not for that. Again good value buy but at full price you might have some regret. This is a good title to try and see if you are the extreme type of fan or would rather stay in the shallow end of the pool.

4 star rating out of 5

Just a little much for me

by -

Tags included in this release are tentacles, busty, monster/demon, impregnation and birth. Those last 2 I’m not the biggest fan of, especially when they involve mantis and bird monsters. Those scenes kinda took me out of it. The first episode sets up the story and characters and you get several “scenes” out of it. The second episode rewinds time a bit with a replay of the last 2 steamy scenes with a bit added and also throws in another character. And it also ends differently. The story is fine but who watches these for the story? The hot scenes are mostly the monster scenes mentioned earlier, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, and the rest are one on one with the main guy/demon. I would’ve liked a little more variety in the end. Other than that, the art style was decent and the females were alluring and nubile. Overall this one was decent but I probably won’t watch it again. Not bad, just not really my cup of tea. 3.5/5