The Devil is a Part Timer Novel Volume 5

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About The Devil is a Part Timer Novel Volume 5

The Devil is a Part-Timer Novel 5 is written by Satoshi Wagahara.

With the repairs to his dingy one-bedroom apartment completed, Maou needs a new TV, so...the Devil's going digital! The trouble is, Maou and Ashiya don't know the first thing about flat-screens, so they bring Emi's friend Rika along with them to the local big-box electronics outlet. For some reason, Suzuno ends up coming along, and it turns into a shopping tour with the whole gang!


  • Publisher: YEN PRESS
  • Media: Novels
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Themes: Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Release Date: 8/23/2016
  • Page Count: 224
  • Weight: 0.5

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Yen Press needs a Proofreader, please apply.

by -

" '...! ...!' Maou look as Ashiya, then his book. " P. 161, the eighth mistake I found, the one that prompted this review.

I get that these are "Young Adult" books, aimed at High School kids, but please stop hiring them to do your proofreading and editing. The last 5 books Ive bought from Yen Press have ALL had multiple mistakes like this.

Shoddy QC aside, this was a great story. There are a few BIG new developments, and i can't wait to see where the story eventually goes. Everyone gets their chance to be badass, even Chiho!

Moving forward on the strengths already established

by -

The Devil is a Part-Timer knows what its strengths are, and it continues to capitalize on them while moving the story forward. Indeed, its whole schtick is throwing otherworldly characters into modern Japan and seeing what happens, and this continues with the most daunting of tasks: buying a new TV!

The mundanity of the task is what allows the characters to shine, as they each have adapted to modern society in slightly different ways, and their relationships as friends, comrades, and enemies continue to develop further as each person bounces off another in new ways. However, the grand plot does not disappoint either, with a multitude of revelations revealed by an unexpected source. The biggest surprise of all, though, is who ends up saving the day!

The Devil is a Part-Timer continues its unique blend of action-domestic-comedy with enthusiasm. I cannot wait to keep reading more!