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Sword Art Online the Movie Ordinal Scale Blu-ray

25 Reviews
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About Sword Art Online the Movie Ordinal Scale Blu-ray

After its overwhelmingly successful worldwide theatrical release, Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- makes its debut on Blu-ray and DVD!

The NerveGear, the world’s first dedicated full-dive device developed by the genius programmer, Akihiko Kayaba in 2022…a revolutionary machine that opened up infinite possibilities for the world of VR (Virtual Reality). 4 years later…. A next-generation, wearable multi-device called the Augma has been released to compete with the NerveGear’s successor, the Amusphere. A cutting-edge machine boasting the ability to enhance AR (Augmented Reality) to the maximum, the Augma offers a safe, user-friendly experience, as it can be used while the player is awake, making it an instant hit. Its most popular title is an ARMMORPG developed exclusively for the Augma, “Ordinal Scale (a.k.a. OS).”

Kirito is about to join Asuna and the others as an Ordinal Scale player, but they’re about to find out that it isn’t all fun and games…

Special Features: Audio Commentary by creators and Japanese cast: Tomohiko Ito, Shingo Adachi, Reki Kawahara, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, and Sayaka Kanda, Special Short Animation: Sword Art OFFline -Ordinal Scale-.*

*Special Features subject to change. Includes English subtitles.

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  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English, Spanish
  • Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Adventure, Battles, Video Games
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Run Time: 120
  • Release Date: 12/19/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

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Ratings & Reviews

25 reviews

Best Anime Movie I've seen so far!

by -

I say this because I'm a die hard SAO fan! But fan or not this movie is a legitimate must see!



Saw this at the movies when it came out. It was amazing and I can't wait for Season 3. I'm a fan of the series and yes I know it is overrated but if you dont like it, dont complain lol. im buying because i enjoy it that much

More of the same SAO. - No Spoilers -


This will be a spoiler free review of the film itself. I watched this on release date in Japan so I can't speak for how good the dub or subs are.

If you have seen the series then you basically know what to expect going into this movie. In all ways the film is essentially just another SAO story arc.

The plot is the SAO standard: There's a hot new game (this time using augmented reality instead of virtual reality), something bad is happening to certain players, and a mysterious villain. There are quite a few flashy fights and they give literally every character from the series some screen time.

Visuals: There are more details in the environments than usual, especially during the action sequences, and some of the effects look a little better but otherwise it is essentially the same.

Audio: There is new soundtrack with new versions of the existing music just like they did with the second season of the TV series. The music and sound effects are used just as they are in the series.

I love this movie!!

by -

I'm a big fan of this anime, and I love this movie!! I preordered it, and it came a lot earlier than I thought it would. I am going to really enjoy it. 😊

Delightedly Surprised

by -

I'm not usually a big fan of movies for anime TV series, so I was delightedly surprised to discover that I ADORED this one. It seriously has most of what I loved about the series: great characters, a story line that drew me in, wonderful, fluffy Kirito x Asuna moments and more. People who like seeing Asuna in action won't be disappointed, as she was quite the bad---. (Also people who like seeing her naked, but I'm not really one of those, heh...) Yes, there were a couple far-fetched moments where even I was, like, "Oh come on that could never happen!" (What would SAO be without those?! LOL) but I totally don't care I still loved it! XD As others have said, if you love SAO, especially the Aincrad arc, you'll most likely enjoy this movie :)

This was an Awesome movie!!

by -

I love this movie!! I preordered this, and I love it. The dubbed was really well done! I'm a big SAO fan, so I thought this movie was really well made.

Can’t wait to watch!

by -

I’m a big fan of this series and loved both seasons and EX. I wish I could have seen it in theaters but I can’t wait to watch this movie on Blu-Ray!

a bit expensive for a movie, but still a great release

by -

This was a great release from Aniplex. It may be a bit expensive, but most of their releases are. The dub was great in this movie, as well as the sub, though I preferred dub, personally. It does a nice job tying into what is going to become Season 3, also.



I've been a massive SAO fan since I first seen it last year; almost obsessively to be honest. I've found it to be the most heart-warming anime there is.

This movie has definitely lived up to its reputation and has the full package. If you haven't found a favourite anime yet then 100% Sword Art Online is the series for you. In fact even if you have not watched anime before then I highly recommend it.

Such a big part of my life, I love you SAO!

More than I imagined!!

by -

As a fan of the show, this movie was a perfect addition to the story. A must see to all fans. The fights were fun and detailed and they really did a great job expanding on Kirito and Asuna's relationship.

Absolutely adored this movie


I absolutely adored everything about this movie (apart from the couple of fan service moments, but you’ll find those in pretty much any anime). This was my first time purchasing anything that was put out by Aniplex, so I was expecting that, for 40 dollars, I’d get at least a booklet with the DVD. Nope, nothing, but apparently it’s normal for Aniplex to overcharge. The movie was totally worth it, though!

Amazing movie anyone who enjoyed SAO should see even if they disliked it after arc 1.


This movie was great. I love SAO but like many was disappointed with the 2nd arc, though I enjoyed GGO. This movie incorporates what we know of SAO but takes it in a slightly new direction & has a intriguing plot. The movie didn’t air in theaters near me and I’ve only managed to see it after buying it on this site. I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s seen SAO and while I think others would enjoy it as well the references to the show wouldn’t be as well understood by those who haven’t watched SAO though it does give a brief description of what the first arc consisted of so you wouldn’t be lost really if you hadn’t seen SAO.

S.O.A. The Original Scale rocks!

by -

S.O.A. The Original Scale is awesome! It stands on its own or as an addition to g he on going saga! I have heard a lot of so, so reviews. S.O.A. is like Robotech was to Mech/sci-fi. I would highly recommend it!

Ordinal Scale


After seeing the movie in theaters, I was very much looking forward to having the blue-ray. I pre-ordered it, and received it soon after it became available. I enjoy the animation and production of the film. It is more of a stand alone story, but well worth watching.

Great Buy!

by -

Loved the movie! Definitely go with the Blu-Ray version for the extra $10 rather than the DVD. Quality is excellent!

An excellent movie

by -

Sword Art Online is one of those series that doesn't need presentation. Still, this movie works independently (if you want). The quality of the anime is even higher than the series. The story is self-contained with a satisfying ending.
I will recommend this to anyone who likes Sword Art Online and/or to those who want more after watching the anime or reading the light novels.

I like to pretend this movie doesn't exist.


I'm a huge SAO fan. I have all the blurays as well as the light novels. You can be sure I was super hyped for this movie. But after watching it, I really wish it didn't exist.

It starts off good and progresses very well up until the 3rd act where the entire thing just becomes an ex machina out of left field with a dash of "cameo from everyone ever."

The resolution makes no sense and only works "because they said so." Then they tried to shoehorn in a segway into Alicization which just feels completely out of place.

This movie is just over-the-top fan service that simply doesn't deliver on what makes SAO enjoyable.

If you enjoy stories with pandering action sequences where the good guy wins "because reasons," then by all means check this out. Otherwise, I recommend avoiding it and going straight to Alicization (which would incidentally save you from the ludicrous price point this is being sold at).


by -

It came fairly quickly, there was no damage, and the box was super strong, thanks right stuf team!

Great Movie

by -

Have been a dan since the first episode premiered. This movie makes you want to experience vr and ar in real life and has a good story.

No Latin American Dub


I would more than gladly buy the movie since the story is great, but the fact that it has no Latin American Spanish dub kinda kills it for me, please add the spanish dub and I'll buy it in a heart beat.

Logging back to SAO

by -

The shipping was fast, I really enjoyed the anime so I was thrilled when I finally bought it. The packaging was nice and original and the movie was worth it, I highly recommended getting this if you’re an SAO fan. 👌


by -

This was definitely a movie worthy of the SAO series. What I liked most about it was how the character's lines and actions throughout were what you've come to expect from everything seen in the SAO series from seasons 1 and 2. The voice acting was on point and the visual effects were very impressive. One of the best animation movies I've seen in a while.

If you're a fan you need this movie in your collection.

by -

Wow! This movie is just awesome! So many nods to the fans. Many returning characters, music and animation is great. Also, its canon, it was meant to start from where S2 left off and leads right into S3. Buy it if you are a fan, seriously worth it.

SAO but in IRL

by -

Ordinal Scale is a must see and must own for an SAO fan!

I never saw it in theaters and I got bummed when I missed my chance. When I saw this listed with RightStuf I jumped on it instantly!

If you’ve never seen the movie, it takes a pretty big leap with the SAO Crew into the real world with Augmented Reality! As per movies and OVAs go, this one is one of my favorites, the story is captivating and it’s a great time for an SAO fan!

I had to Buy this when it got its USBD

by -

I love SAO , so when the Movie was a Option to Buy in USBD with the Lossless Dub Audio i snag that up on day 1 of Pre-order , ALL ABORD THE PROGRESSIVE MOVIE TRAIN CHOO CHOO