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About Swan Lake DVD

Swan Lake, the heartwarming anime classic based on Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, returns! On the eve of becoming an adult, Prince Siegfried and his companions stumble upon a lake in the woods. Siegfried spies a beautiful swan with a crown on its head and is immediately enchanted, but one of his friends is magically turned to stone when he tries to kill the rare find. The prince follows the enigmatic swan to a castle, where it transforms into a gorgeous young woman, Princess Odette. The two fall fast in love, but Odette reveals that an evil sorcerer, Rothbart, has captured and cursed her until she agrees to marry him.

Siegfried must choose his bride the following day at a palace ball, and exhorts Odette to go so that he may pick her, but the treacherous Rothbart has other plans, sending his wicked daughter Odile in the guise of Odette to steal the young prince’s heart. Set against the score of Tchaikovsky’s breathtaking waltz, Swan Lake is a timeless fairy tale that explores the theme of true love.


  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Historical
  • Age Rating: ALL
  • Run Time: 75
  • Year Created: 1981
  • Release Date: 11/28/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Region Code: 1

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A vintage Anime classic getting a much needed DVD reissue!


This lavish animated retelling of Tchaikovsky's now legendary ballet (which incidentally, and aptly, uses the composer's own music to underscore the tale) may seem too old-fashioned for modern viewers accustomed to more flashy fare. Nonetheless, this is still a lovely film, appropriately rendered with dark, gothic colors and a surprisingly somber tone. There are TWO English dubs of this feature: one of them is an absolutely laughable, poorly lip-synched, and even worse acted trainwreck from Frontier Productions, the other an early attempt at bringing star power to Anime, featuring names like Chris Atkins, Pam Dawber, and the late David Hemmings. This latter dub is easily superior. Discotek will be offering the film with both dubs this November, along with the Japanese version. As of this writing I have not yet received the DVD, but I look forward to seeing Discotek giving this old title the treatment it deserves.

Good presentation of vintage classic under the circumstances


Regarding Discotek Media's treatment of this forgotten Anime classic, the source materials for the movie seem to be in rough shape. The picture quality is adequate but not that much better than the R2 DVD release, as there's color fading and dust specks. It was obvious the video wasn't cleaned up. The Japanese audio sounds great, but both dubs have a lot of crackling and static pops, especially the one with Atkins, Dawber, etc. No doubt because the master tapes of these dubs were in shoddy condition. (It should also be known there are instances of awkward splicing and breaks in the sound for the second dub track, too.) There's only so much Discotek can do with such resources. As it is, this presentation gets a passing grade from me.