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About Spice and Wolf Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD

Spice and Wolf Complete Series Collection contains season one episodes 1-13 and season two episodes 00-12 of the anime directed by Takeo Takahashi.

Lawrence, a traveling merchant searching for profit, finds a naked girl with the ears and tail of a wolf asleep in his cart. Her name is Holo, a harvest goddess with an untamed beast lurking inside who longs to return to her beloved northern home.

Armed with his street smarts and her animal instincts, the simple peddler and forgotten deity begin a journey through the wild countryside. Along their path, the riches of happiness shall be reaped even as the bankruptcy which dwells in the human heart is exposed.

Special Features: "Studying" with Holo; "Stretching" with Holo Yoitz Style, Textless Songs, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Themes: Adventure, Historical
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 630
  • Year Created: 2008
  • Release Date: 4/15/2014
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.6
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

18 reviews

Spice and Wolf- complete series


A traveling merchant named Lawrence discovers a wolf-girl asleep in his cart full of animal furs. She is Holo former harvest goddess who longs to return to her home in the north. The 2 form a partnership and an adventure begins. As Lawrence finds new ways to make profit, Holo lends her wise old knowledge as they journey closer to her home. At first the series seems kind of slow moving in it's “old world” setting, but as you watch there's a certain charm to it. One thing I noticed the series talks a lot about money and various coins when Lawrence deals in them. The animation is nice, music is good, and it has an interesting story. Give it try and you'll find Spice and Wolf to be as sweet as apple pie.

One of my all-time favs


This series is one of my all-time favorites that I have watched multiple times. The two main characters (Holo the wise wolf) and Lawrence (the human merchant) make a fun duo and this follows their adventures. After seeing the show, I have been collecting the light novels as they are translated into English. I love the intellectual wit and tactics over brawn / power in this show and of course the playful romance. If you like Maoyu, you may also like this one.

Beautiful music and animation.

A unique series yet a good one

by -

First of all this anime is into economics and this is very refreshing to see in anime and makes watching the series a thrill if you understand the concepts. However, the series is a lot than just that it its romantic, soft, action and suspenseful moments. This has both seasons (all 26 episodes) for a great deal. I recommend it highly if you don't mind the economics which depends on if you like it or not.

One of the best anime of our time

by -

Spice and Wolf somehow successfully combines the themes of folklore and economics to create one of the most beautiful stories ever told in an anime. In the story, a traveling merchant meets a witty wolf deity and decides to travel together. The characters are developed very well throughout the story, and Holo's voice actor is just perfect for her role. It's a must-watch for anyone who's a fan of the romance or fantasy categories. Each episode will leave you hanging on for more.

Fair warning, the anime doesn't complete the whole story line. It leaves off at an enormous cliffhanger. Luckily for you though, all the light novels are translated and are incredible reads.

Charming with Economics 101


Spice and Wolf is an odd blend of the worlds of fantasy and economics spiced with romance that works amazingly enough. The travels of Holo and Lawrence is not only engaging but their slow but steady romance is endearing and believable contrary to other "romances" out there. But be warned, while in a medieval fantasy setting most of the plot revolves around Lawrence the traveling merchant's trails and the world of coin so it can get slow and wordy at times. But if that doesn't scare you away I recommend it wholeheartedly. As a bonus you even learn tidbits of commerce without being in a classroom!

For She is Holo the Wise Wolf


My wife and I loved this series from start to finish.

I've worked very hard to make her an avid anime fan such as myself and this series made her want to start reading the manga.

It's a fun story, with playful banter between the two leads, outfit changes (which don't appear to happen very often in anime), and good music that gets stuck in your head.

Now if only I can get my wife to stop answering my question of "Why?" with, "Because I'm Holo the wise wolf."

A must have for any fan of Spice and Wolf or anime in general

by -

When an unsatisfied with life traveling merchant stops into a little village during one of their yearly festivals, the last thing he expected was for the 'God' that the festival was made for to hitch a ride in his cart on his way out. Apparently she needs help getting back to her home and he was her only hope. Instead of leaving her high and dry on the side of the rode while screaming for help; he decides to help her get home. This is the account of the journey that the two of them have together on their way to the north and the discoveries that they make about themselves and each other. Beautifully, well thought out world, wonderful music and character development is what you will find in this series.

A show everyone how calls themselves an anime fan must have.

by -

A genuine masterpiece not because of its high action or psychological plot but because it presents aspects of history, economics, and relationships in a realistic yet entertaining way. I highly recommend buying spice and wolf if only to say you have it.

A Timeless Classic

by -

There's very few romances that touch on the more quiet and serene side of simply being in lover's company-- and even less than that focus on only appealing to the audience it was made for. Spice & Wolf is exactly that sort of classic gem.
The story begins when a lone traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence, visits the town of Pasloe. During his stay, he discovers a girl named Holo in his cart who explains to him that she was once the harvest god of this town. The two strike a deal that if she can pay her fare with advice and company, Lawrence will bring her back to her homelands of Yoitsu.
For those who enjoy a bit of feudal economics, there's an enjoyable amount to be had. The show loves romance and economics, so if that's what you want, that's what you'll get. In-between these events, the two have a slow, yet sweet blossoming romance as they share banter on life, love, joy, sadness, and what it truly means to be rich. It's a timeless tale that I've loved and will love for years to come.

Could not be better

by -

Excellent. I love it.

A unique show

by -

This is a very unique series. It might be one of the very few if not the only anime about economics and the intricacies of supply and demand and bartering. I only watched the first season but with this, I can look forward to finishing the series.

A favorite!


Love this series. One of my favorites. You care about the characters!
Wish there was more.

A story worth your gold


An old story told to the new age!

We have our character Craft Lawrence, a traveling merchant with a dream. A dream to open his own shop and have it big within the trading companies. Well on his journey he finds a lot of new and brilliant things like coin exchange rates, town traditions and old gods that are as beautiful as they are wise... Wait a god! Yes Holo the wise wolf. God of good fortune. She has been keeping a eye on the wheat fields making fortunate harvest for the town, but as time went on the town developed new ways to keep the wheat fresh themselves , not needing the wise wolfs help. With that said the two find them selves making a deal. Holo wants nothing more than to see her home. And Lawrence wants in return her godly luck. Helping him make the right choices and best deals. With this done the two set off on a incredible journey that has everything you want! Its smart, exciting, sad, intense, and overall relaxing.

Fun show, good companion to the light novels

by -

I love this show. It's fun to watch, it's interesting, and the animation is, for the most part, decent.

It is slightly open ended when you finish up season 2, but that's what the light novels are for!

One big complaint I have on the set is how terrible the video quality is on the first season. I am not sure, but I believe it may be an upscale, but this one, compared to others FUNi have done, looks really bad. It looks more like a DVD with too much edge enhancement.

Still, for the price, it's great entertainment with a great story.

A lovely Wolf and friends in a box

by -

I was really happy finding a site that had one of my favourite animes of all time sold and decently priced too. The cover art was lovely and the discs and everything came in tact which was nice, since sometimes the boxes or wrapping gets messed up when they arrive.

Overall I was quite pleased with how it all came out.

The series itself is quite entertaining and charming, you really feel for the characters and what they go through. Soundtrack was well chosen too. The witty banter and chemistry between Holo and Lawrence is great too. Overall highly recommend the series.

Must own for any fan. Comes with Extras on blu ray.


A box set of all Tv viewable materials. Box is nice but nothing super special. Blu ray disks as nice as any other legit product. For the price this is the best way to own all the spice and wolf in your hands. definitely buy it if you're a new fan, one day you may not see it online and will be glad you got the physical copy. Also be sure to buy all the light novels, the story after the end of season two is amazing in the light novel continuation.

Love It!


Bought this series one day on a whim after a couple of recommends and reading some positive reviews, and I'm glad I did! It is a very good Anime, I have enjoyed watching through it, and look forward to a re-watches down the road as well. Highly recommend for true Anime fans!

Spice and Wolf makes you want to whistle 'round the world

by -

I'd been intrigued by the story for a while, but hadn't had the chance to watch it. (this is a very late review, by the by) It's a very fun series full of philosophy, spirituality, politics, drama, and a bit of action spaced out to an appropriate placement so as to not saturate the storyline driven series with action for the sake of action. Definitely so for season 1.

My only qualm comes from season 2, where parts of the story and characters kind of have a couple rough patches that seem forced and out of place, just for the sake of causing conflict. I could've lived without those couple weird unfitting moments. Regardless, though, it's still awesome.

Honestly though, I just ADORE the first season. Overall, animation, Vas (both Japanese and English), and definitely the music; all top notch.