Sound! Euphonium Collector's Edition 1 Blu-ray/DVD

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About Sound! Euphonium Collector's Edition 1 Blu-ray/DVD

Done with Tuning? Find something precious through the activities in a brass band club. This is a real and memorable story of girls in their youth.

Spring in the first year of high school. Kumiko, a member of the brass band in junior high school, visits the high school brass band club with classmates Hazuki and Sapphire. There, she comes across Reina, her former classmate from junior high. Hazuki and Sapphire decide to join the club, but Kumiko can not make up her mind. She recollects her experience with Reina at a competition in junior high school.

Contains episodes 1-5 plus a deluxe booklet, a double-sided cover, and 2 illustration cards.

Special Features: Unaired Short Episodes, Textless Opening and Ending, Promotional Video Collection, and TV Commercial Collections.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.


  • Publisher: PONYCAN
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English, Spanish
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Themes: Music, School Life
  • Age Rating: ALL
  • Run Time: 115
  • Release Date: 6/10/2016
  • Reprint Date: 11/30/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.95
  • Region Code: A

A good set with mild issues


Like other sets from PonyCanyon it comes in a over-sized DVD case and also comes with a protective clear sleeve which is really nice to help keep the set protected from damage. The booklet it comes with has character information as well as character design work which is really fun to see. It also has a bunch of background sets and some of the scouting pictures the production team used for references when making the backgrounds.

The video quality on the BD is absolutely gorgeous making it one of the best looking discs I own. The only complaint I have about it is that the subtitles will flicker during scenes that have a lot of on screen text that changes frequently. It's a very small complaint, but it is very noticeable in a otherwise perfect disc.

The set may be a little sparse for some and part of me wishes they had included more for the asking price, but if you are a huge fan like myself you will enjoy what they have included one the less.

Great Show, Meh Release

by -

The show itself is a good, fun loving show; perfect for anyone who plays music, or just loves listening to it. I would not recommend buying this release though, not unless you are a big fan of the show and must have a hard copy of it.

For starters:

A) The thing is huge... not bulky, such as Chunibyo's which came with so many extra goodies and was well worth the $70 price tag, but semi-thin and REALLY tall. -- The "Exclusive Mega Tall Size" as listed on ponycan.

B) Also different to Chunibyo's is that it comes with very little extra for the same price. There's a slip cover with Ponycan written on the back of it, so that's no good. Inside, there's two discs with a lot of empty space. Then two character cards and a 24 page booklet, which is nice, but not good enough for $70.

C) This show would have done great with a dub. I, personally, prefer the Japanese audio over English in nearly everything, but the people I would watch this show with would only ever watch it in English.

Sound! Euphonium Coll. Ed. 1


Indecisive Oumae Kumiko played the euphonium in band in middle school but as she rises to Kitauji High she’s determined to re-make herself for her high school debut. However new friends and her own stubborn instincts intervene and she finds herself drawn into the school’s mediocre concert band. Here she encounters yet another ghost from her middle school band days, intimidatingly competitive and beautiful trumpeter Kousaka Reina. A charming coming of age drama with a distinctively light touch. As a former band parent I find the details and band politics ring very true. The usual near-perfectly executed gorgeous show from Kyoto Animation.

Buyers Beware: Defective Mono Audio


Potential buyers (as well as people who have already bought this, I guess) be aware that the first two episodes and the menus on the Blu-ray and DVD have defective and improper mono audio. Ponycan USA has been informed by a few fans, but at the time of this review has yet to acknowledge the issue or discuss possible replacements (or the lack thereof). So, purchase now at your own peril, or hold off to see if a resolution might be reached.

Kyoani at its best.. Ponycanyon not so much


This is a wonderful show that Kyoani pulled out all the stops for, but unless you are so in love with it that you absolutely must have it don't buy this release. The show is the best it has ever looked but I have a few gripes with the release itself. As others have mentioned the box is obnoxiously large. But my issue is that for 72 dollars there should have been more content. There is no comments from the staff, only two shorts and the PVs. A little disappointing. The mono issue was resolved by Pony as they sent all buyers a fixed copy with proper stereo, so that was nice.

Good but worth it

by -

It was a great anime, but this edition did not worth $70

Love the anime, but not worth it

by -

Love the anime, but don't think 5 episodes, a thin art book and two art cards worth this price.