Slayers Season 1-3 DVD

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About Slayers Season 1-3 DVD

Slayers collection contains episodes 1-78 of the anime directed by Takashi Watanabe - all of Slayers, Slayers Next, and Slayers Try (seasons 1-3).

In a time of fantasy and magic, a band of misfits stumbles from adventure to adventure - and occasionally saves the world!

Lina Inverse, a spunky sorceress with a penchant for destruction, is joined by dashingly dim swordsman Gourry, driven young Amelia, and stoic Zelgadis on a journey spanning the realms. In lands where darkness reigns, they will be light. In lands where doom threatens peace, they shall be saviors. Yes, when evil arises, Lina and her ragtag crew action for the forces of good - and if fame, fortune, and food should fall their way, even better!

They're heroes. They're rogues. They're just looking to make a buck. They're the slayers!

Special Features: "Otome no Inori" Animated Music Video, Textless Songs, Japanese TV Spots, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action
  • Themes: Adventure, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 1725
  • Year Created: 1995
  • Release Date: 8/4/2009
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.05
  • Region Code: 1

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

A collection I highly recommend.


3 seasons. 78 episodes total. I bought this series aat an anime convention and it took more a few weeks to get through it all. I enjoyed this series very much. The first two seasons were exceptional (Slayers, and Slayers Next). Season three overall was good although at one point it breaks off ito these stories that I felt had nothing to do with the overall plot but were added in my opinion as fillers to make sure season 3 (also called Slayers TRY) ran 26 episodes like the first 2 seasons. Still the conclusion was worth waiting for even with the side trek part way through.

Lisa Ortiz is a perfect voice for the character Lina Inverse. Like another character she voices (Azalyn from Irresponsible Captain Tylor) Lina is young, petite individual. Adding to her band of misfits companions is a clueless but tacticly superior fighter Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadis Greywords a chimera made of rock golem, brau demon, and human, and Amelia Seyruun with an unwavering belief in justice, though often times she could also be considered a bit of a comedy relief.

There are others in the cast who pop up from time to time to add either to the drama or comedy of the moment. This series does an excellent job of making sure things don't get too serious or too comedic.

While I rated this series overall as just 'Pretty Good' the first two seasons rated as 'Wonderful' It is only that little side trek that I mentioned in Slayers TRY that knocked the rating down a little. Still this is a series I can recommend without reservations to anybody who likes a series with some magic, some fighting (but not gory fighting) Hero's and Heroiness, and a bit of good vs evil adventures. This is the series for you.

Great Value


This set comes with the first 3 seasons of Slayers which is 72 episodes. It is a great value that can't be beat. The boxes themselves have stayed together for me for the past several years despite looking fragile. It has also held with someone else I know who bought these that is a little more rough with them. If you like Slayers this set can't be beat. I wish they'd come out with a blue ray version, but this is still a wonderful set.

A Classic


This collection provides a big bang for your buck. It collects the first three seasons of the classic Slayers series. The show is funny, epic, and well-drawn. The characters are instantly lovable and the English dub is very good. I still get tingles every time I hear Lisa Ortiz chant the Dragon Slave spell. This show is well worth your time and should not be missed if you're a fan of classic anime. It has my vote for best fantasy anime ever. Seriously, watch it now!

Perfect anime to start with!


The first 2 seasons are amazing. TRY is really boring but decent. Season 4 and 5 has been pretty good so far too. But this is a good deal for a classic, amazing, adventurous anime.


by -

I love this series. Good animation and lots of laughs.

Good series, but awful packaging.

by -

I got to watch Slayers & Slayers Next with my old anime club back in the day. The series was great, and the dubs are cast well.

The only down-side to this product is how it was packaged. The packaging consists of 6 2-disc leaves, held together by clear tape, affixed in a cardstock cover (what you see in the pic above). It is not a "box" by any means, as the DVDs are not really enclosed. As a result, dropping the package after opening means that you can find yourself chasing DVDs across the floor, and even a fan can cause the front to start flapping. Worse, the episode list is on the interior sides of the cardstock, and since the cardstock is affixed with rubber cement or epoxy to the back leaf, you can't even READ the 3rd season episode names or half the second season's names, without removing the LAST TWO DVDs, and even then much of the list is difficult to read through the plastic due to how it is formed.

Great comedy for everyone!


This is a classic anime series that I believe everyone should watch. It's funny, it's got action, it's got drama...what else can you wish for? All the characters are just hilarious and work so well together. Remember to pick up the dvd boxset that houses all the films and OVA's and of course get seeasons 4 and 5 on bluray! i really hope these three seasons and all the films and ova's get a bluray release here in the states soon. Japan released it, why aren't we getting it?

over 1700 minutes of fantasy filled fun and run ^^

by -

From the awesome cast of people from both US and Japan to the way the characters interact youll like this series alot . Things can get over the top like when Lina uses alot of her spells etc but things do get real intense especially with the sword of light makes for an epic intense hype moments . But the best parts of the show is the comedy and those feels moments with lina and the gang XD.

the only bad thing is the video cuts off a bit from the sides typical for vhs era videos