Shirobako Collection 1 DVD

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About Shirobako Collection 1 DVD

Shirobako Collection 1 contains episodes 1-12.

After making an animated film together in high school, Aoi and her friends Shizuka, Ema, Misa, and Midori made a promise to each other: to all get jobs in the anime industry and someday work together again.

Two years later, Aoi is learning that working as a production assistant at a small animation studio is far more demanding than she ever imagined, and Shizuka's aspiring career as a voice actor involves more time waiting tables than recording.

Meanwhile, Ema's slowly making a name for herself as a key animator, Misa's moved from 2D to 3D and now works in computer graphics, and screenwriting hopeful Midori is lagging furthest behind, still looking for her first big break. But are they ready to give up on their dreams just yet? No way! Because while anime may come from inspiration, in the end it's the ones who're willing to put in the perspiration that make their dreams real in Shirobako!

Special Features: Clean Opening & Closing Animations.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Themes: Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 300
  • Release Date: 2/9/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.2
  • Region Code: 1

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Really Good

by -

This is basically an anime about making an anime and it works well to show the work, confusion and 'insanity' associated with this. This is Episodes 1-12 of 24 and is a good start to the series. Starts with the girls of a high school animation club producing a short anime for the school festival, then going on to making a vow to make an anime together for real. It then moves on to follow the careers of the girls in and out of the anime industry. Well worth watching and a show to enjoy over and over again.

13 episodes in 12 episodes?! Donut-power!

by -

While initially watching the 1st ep. on hulu, I thought, "man! there's so much technical jargon! how can I keep up with this?" So I let it go at that and moved on to other stuff. But later I got brave and decided to gamble on the DVD release. Taking in the large cast of characters and keeping names straight was daunting, as well as following the whole nuts-and-bolts process of producing an anime. But what really hooked me was how all the characters were so 100% on-board with the making process, so passionate about what they were doing. Even when one of the staff members started having self-doubts and was ready to give up, she didn't just drop out of the picture but found unexpected help from one of the other members for pressing on. It's that team spirit and shared vision among the characters that lends strength to the whole show. By the end, I even felt like I'd become part of the Musani team myself. Can't wait to join them again in Collection 2.

Wonderful Show, Substandard Release

by -

The U.S. DVD release is substandard. Sentai Filmworks did not provide a dub and released it in 480i but still felt the need to charge $40 for both! Perhaps it is my own fault for not getting a superior Bluray but I still cannot fathom why not only such a low resolution on a modern show but to also release it in interlaced?! If this is a shameless ploy to get me to pay extra for a Bluray then what's next, will we DVD users have to settle for 4:3 ratio just so we'll buy your BluRays? If Crunchyroll is capable of providing me a 720p stream the same should be able to apply for a DVD release.

Of course I love Bluray but it is rather expensive and with most anime series these days being split onto two sets even for relatively short series, I need to be selective with purchases of Bluray. There's no excuse for this by Sentai and I feel ripped off as a consumer.