Sailor Moon Super S Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD + GWP

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About Sailor Moon Super S Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD + GWP

Sailor Moon Super S contains episodes 128-146.

A majestic pegasus with a golden horn has appeared in Chibi-Usa’s dreams with a request—to help him and keep his presence a secret. This plea turns out to be more than a childish dream, for the fearsome Dead Moon Circus led by the villainous Zirconia arrive in town to draw out Pegasus by targeting people with beautiful dreams! Sailor Moon and the Guardians must unite to fight a new enemy and her deadly henchmen, the Amazon Trio. But without the power to transform into Super Sailor Moon, the Guardians find themselves seriously outmatched! Will Sailor Chibi Moon’s strong desire to protect everyone’s be the key to accessing Pegasus’s power?

Special Features: Trailers, TV Special

While supplies last, customers who order this Limited Edition item will receive a Sailor Moon coin. This gift with purchase is exclusive to customers only!


  • Publisher: VIZ
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Battles, Magical Girl
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 456
  • Release Date: 4/24/2018
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.9
  • Region Code: A

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a super deal for all the extras that come with it


prior to release, i wasn't sure just what was gonna be included for extras aside from the dubbed for the first time supers tv special[more on that later], but i have to say that i'm impressed compared to the disappointing offering s part 1 had. over 1 hour of interviews across 4 different pieces with a variety of questions & excellent answers. i liked the interview with the jp & viz voices of tuxedo mask most & hope they can do something similar w/the VAs for moon in time for one of the stars releases.

as for the tv special, i have to say i'm impressed how they handled that too. i was expecting that to be on disc 3 w/the other extras. to my surprise, it was on disc 1! not only that, but you can either watch it along w/the other episodes in chronological order or watch it by itself.

if you're a moonie, you probably already have this and are waiting for viz to announce part 2. but if you're just a casual anime watcher, i'd say this is worth it just for the interviews alone.

Best gift idea ever!

by -

This is the best half birthday gift ever. After I got paid, I have to buy it for my half birthday and it came just in time. The cast is awesome, the features is amazing, and I appreciate the coin. It’s like Pegasus is calling to me to get it.

Amazing quality.


By far the best quality we've seen SuperS in. Viz must be working with new masters because it looks stunning. Really pleased with this release!

Sailor Moon Super S

by -

A great start to yet another season of an instant classical anime. Fun, exciting and has some emotional moments.