Sailor Moon S Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD + GWP

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About Sailor Moon S Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD + GWP

Sailor Moon S Part 1 Limited Edition contains episodes 90-108 plus a chipboard box with premium printing, booklet, filler box (for part 2).

The groundbreaking third season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon S, available uncut for the very first time on Blu-ray.

Usagi's friend Rei has been plagued by disturbing visions of the Apocalypse just as a new enemy appears in the city. The maniacal Professor Tomoe, leader of the Death Busters, has been targeting innocent citizens in a search for three special pure heart crystals. Usagi is prepared to confront this dangerous new foe, but two powerful new Sailor Guardians are already seeking the crystals and have no interest in working with Sailor Moon and the other Guardians. Where did they come from, and what is their plan for pure heart crystals?

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese with English subtitles.

While supplies last, customers who order this item will also receive an exclusive 1.5" gold-tone coin featuring Sailor Moon's third transformation brooch and transformation phrase! This premium coin is exclusive to customers only! Once the coin runs out, it will no longer appear on this listing. Your order status when you log in to the site will show the coin included on your order.


  • Publisher: VIZ
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Themes: Battles, Magical Girl
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Release Date: 11/15/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.6
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

21 reviews

Can't Wait :)


Really excited for this release. Sailor Moon S (and SuperS) are my absolute favorites and were a big part of my childhood. So why am I giving this three stars? I'd be lying if I said I've been happy with the visual quality issues and some of the acting direction of these past two seasons. Also there is the fact this isn't released yet, and I can't give something five stars to only regret my decision later. I'd be more than thrilled to give this a much higher rating, but until I receive this season, I can't.

Can't wait!


Super excited for this release!


by -

I love sailor moon s

I love English dub

Vizmedia did good job


by -

I love English dub

Thank vizmedia

Make up


Been waiting for this release for awhile, super excited to see it coming soon!

Moon Power

by -

This continues to be an excellent series and an excellent release.

Awesome set

by -

Excellent quality on the videos and the dub, I absolutely love Sailor Moon and am thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase them on Blu-Ray finally with English dubbing that doesn't butcher the show.

Must have it


I'm happy that's going to be released on blu ray even though us a different cast if you love sailor moon you won't regret buying it

Box Set Yes; Coin not so much

by -

I pre-ordered my copy as soon as it appeared on the RS site, I was not going to miss the opportunity to receive this wonderful box set. I love these special releases, it feels as if a childhood dream came true. Now I can share this beautiful series with my future children. Cannot wait for the Super S series to be released and the Stars series as well. Truly amazing box sets. This was my first time getting the GWP coin though, and I gotta say RS I was disappointed. My coin looked cheap when compared to my expectations and the glory of the box set. I will not be participating in another GWP coin pre-order. In another GWP set I loved the dual sided character cards that came with it. They were of great quality, printed on durable cardstock. So my disappointment in receiving a sub-par coin is understandable.

bare bones extras, but still worth picking up


this was the first time since the rereleases were announced that i've been disappointed by the extras. for collectors, it'll still worth getting, but i was kinda left wanting more such as another batch of behind the scenes interviews or convention footage...

Love it

by -

I loved it though I still have the other dub I like this one better since it has a better translation the only pet peeve I have is having to wait so long in between for these to release I want the stars arc already

Girl power!

by -

Love the Sailor Moon series! Can't wait for the re-release of the movies plus the second Crystal Tokyo dvd/Blu-ray!


by -

I LOVED THIS! My favorite season! I can't wait for part two! It just gets way better from here! No ghosting from what I watched.

SM S is cool


This part is great. In general release and as dubbing too A +. I can't wait to get part 2 of this season.

I love new dub

by -

I love dub

I glad I own this set


Really Better Adaptation, Visual & Sub Fixes...and No More "Cousins!" :D

by -

The dub is real good, and adapts well with the original JP script...except for the final ep of this set, where it's confusing at first, but understandable afterwards. Viz Media even addressed some of the visual issues that were present, when it was on Hulu. Sure, there's still some that weren't fixed, but it's a blink-n-miss thing. Certain episodes have their subs fixed from when it was on Hulu, too.

If you are a fan that likes Haruka/Michiru to NOT be a "cousin" thing, then this is perfect for you! This is Kunihiko Ikuhara's directorial work, at his finest, before Utena.

Thank you rightstuf for help me

by -

Thank you i love the Sailor moon S set 1 i can wait set 2


by -

Just like all the other releases there is no hard editing like the cloverway releases so if your looking for that release it will not be in this.

I love how they kept everything intact but to be honest I am gonna miss the cousin jokes but it's great to have the original script in dub.

Sailor Moon S part 1

by -

The start to season 3 of Sailor Moon. Get ready for Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

Amazing set!

by -

i've been waiting for the other seasons to be re-released in the states for years! this set did not disappoint me. the case is really sturdy and holds part 1 and 2 and the book for a clean collection like my original season 1 and 2 dvds. i was a little leery of buying something not released by my beloved ADV, but vizmedia did a good job with it. i can't wait to get part 2! i do hope they release season 4 and finally have an official US release of season 5. i never got a chance to watch either one. xD brava for this one though <3

Don't Care for the ViZ Dub but...

by -

I really am not a fan of the redub but I will say that the video quality on some of the episodes is amazing while some really lack in quality. We really are not getting the best dub for Sailor Moon at all, I noticed quite a lot of issues with this one but the three stars if for some of the good quality of the videos but as I said not all are great and it duplicates onto the DVDs.