Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga Box Set

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About Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga Box Set

Revolutionary Girl Utena features story and art by Chiho Saito.

The classic shojo manga that redefined the genre.

The classic manga returns in a deluxe box set! Hardcover editions of Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Adolescence of Utena are included in this two-volume collectors’ set with exclusive color pages and poster.

Once upon a time, a little girl was rescued by a prince. That girl then grows up to be strong and courageous as she awaits his return. To defend a friend’s honor, she challenges a brute to a duel and wins. She is entrusted with the SWORD OF DIOS and the Rose Bride, who is the key to finding her elusive prince. But this won’t end like a fairy tale. Because Utena has the power to REVOLUTIONIZE the world.


  • Publisher: SHOJO BEAT
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Themes: School Life, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 4/11/2017
  • Page Count: 960
  • Dimensional Weight: 1.8
  • Written Language: English

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Breathtakingly Gorgeous

by -

Just received this in the mail today, and oh my word... This is a gorgeous two-volume manga set (the entire series) housed in a sturdy art box. The box has a black background and gold accents. Utena and Anthy are pictured on the spine, within a small cutout of the Ohtori rose crest. The books inside are hardcover, and very well crafted; it doesn't feel like a flimsy binding. Each book has a gorgeous rose background with a few characters on the front. The books include a bunch of fantastic color artwork at the front before the manga starts, all drawn by Chiho Saito. You'd be hard-pressed to find a manga drawn more beautifully than this one. The set also comes with a poster, featuring Utena and Anthy laying on a bed of roses.

If I had any complaints, I'd say the box is a tight fit for the books; it's a bit difficult sliding them out. Also, the set is HEAVY. I almost dropped the box in shock trying to pick it up. This really isn't something you'd want to accidentally drop on your foot.

Gorgeous Box Set with Minor Issues

by -

This box set is beautiful. The box and covers are sturdy, and all of them are artfully designed with a stunning use of color. The pages feel like they're better quality than a normal release. Utena is a solid shoujo, and the art is gorgeous.

I have some minor gripes - the volumes are very tight in the box and difficult to take out. Also, after I took the first volume out of the box, the pages started warping slightly. If you look at the top or bottom of the book, the pages look slightly wavy. It's not that big of an issue and I'm hoping I can flatten it out by placing heavier thing on it.

However, this box set is still a great buy and a good value. Definitely pick this up if you're a fan of the series or looking for a good shoujo story.

Revolutionary and Completely Gorgeous


So for anyone who has doubts about this purchase, banish those thoughts immediately! The box that comes with the books is gorgeous. When you finally manage to get the books out, you'll notice there's a poster of Utena and Anthony on a bed on roses. It was done in good taste but I would have preferred if they were wearing clothes. That's just me though. As for the books... The color pages are breathtaking. I just sat there looking at them because they were so pretty! At first, I thought it was small manga books but I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the manga in two large volumes. You even get The Adolescence of Utena manga. Everyone else had valid points though. The books can be a bit hard to get out but other than that, this is money well spent. It's either this or you track down the manga on Ebay or Amazon, hoping that you find the whole series. I say just go ahead and get this series because you won't be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

utena rosebud

by -

im in love with this manga set iv never read the original or seen the manga or anime. but wow the book is so deep with utena wanting to be a prince in hope of winning the rose bride Anthy this book dose have some GBLT moments in it but that what makes the manga much richer. I'm in love with the story of a girl trying to find her prince



The books were amazing, it had colored pages which was beautiful and the translations was great, this purchase was worth it.

Boxset is Revolutionary!!!

by -

This boxset is amazing!!!

The artwork is gorgeous on the casing and for the hardcover as well which came with extra artwork in both volumes.

I never read the manga before I got this and I am happy I decided to buy it as I heard many good things about it and I fell in love with this story once I finished the 1st chapter.

This is a good manga to read if you enjoy a strong female lead like Wonder Woman.

Definitely worth the read.



When it comes to anime, I'm pretty bare bones. Just give me the blu ray and let me watch, but when it comes to owning a book I would totally pay out for a premium product like this. This is beautiful. PLEASE MAKE MORE BEAUTIFUL MANGA SETS LIKE THIS!

a beautiful box set with a couple of technical issues

by -

I enjoy the Utena manga, but any readers should be advised that it is very different from the show and is best regarded as a different story entirely. In terms of this edition, this was a beautiful box set. The size made the manga very readable, the illustrations were gorgeous, and the full color plates are a beautiful touch.

One issue I saw in this box set was that the books are just a touch too tight to fit well in the box. I'm concerned that, in the long term, this could result in damage to either the box or the books.

Another small issue I had is that the poster is JUST BARELY the wrong size to fit in a commercially available frame. 11x17 is a fairly normal size; 11.5x16.5 is... not. I'm really unsure why this decision was made. It's a gorgeous print of a piece of artwork from the movie manga; the size is just a Choice.



The release of this manga box set was something of a godsend given how hard it is to pick up the full Utena manga series in English in its original published form. I'd been hoping against hope for the ever popular omnibus style re-release, but instead we were granted this beautiful box set.

The box is simple and elegant, housing two glossy hardback books containing the entire series, including the Adolescence of Utena manga and a handful of short comics about Chiho Saito's experiences working on the series. The series' printing itself is crisp and clear.

The set also comes with a bonus print featuring Utena and Anthy. It's not the particular piece of Saito's art I would have picked had I had my choice, but it's still a really nice bonus. Really my only legitimate gripe about this set is that the box is a little tight and getting the books in and out on the regular can be a hassle.

Almost Awesome

by -

I love this manga! These two hardcover manga collections contains all of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga volumes and side stories. Of course, there's no Nanami and Juri is straight and pining for Touga, so this manga isn't for everyone, but Utena and Anthy kiss on page, so that's a plus. Chiho Saito's artwork is amazing, the storyline is recognizable but different from the anime's, and there's a beautiful poster of Utena and Anthy included.

Do you know??

by -

The packaging for this manga box set is really beautiful and has a good sense of "presence" on my shelf. The quality of all the materials is great! I enjoyed adding this to my Utena collection.