Record Of The Lodoss War OVA + Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight Blu-Ray/DVD

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About Record Of The Lodoss War OVA + Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight Blu-Ray/DVD

Record of the Lodoss War OVA series contains episodes 1-13 of the anime directed by Akinori Nagaoka on Blu-Ray plus Chronicles of a Heroic Knight episodes 1-27 on DVD.

In a land torn by war, young Parn and a ragtag team of adventurers set out to restore peace to the island of Lodoss. While an evil sorcerer seeks the destructive power of an ancient goddess, the Grey Witch presides over all with a cold-hearted bent for neutrality. The ensuing battles cost many lives before a brave new generation of heroes rises to face the sinister enemies once and for all.

Special Features: Next Episode Previews, Commercials, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, Trailers.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Themes: Adventure
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 1000
  • Year Created: 1990
  • Release Date: 7/18/2017
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

A classic fantasy Anime brought back again!


RECORD OF LODOSS WAR was one of the first examples of fantasy done right in Japanese Anime style. Sprawling a rich and epic (if predictable and sometimes cliche) plot worthy of a Tolkien fantasy and a cast of characters, particularly a spunky high elf named Deedlit, it has been a favorite of many old-school Anime fans, myself included. Thankfully, Funimation has brought back both the classic 13-episode OVA as well as the 27-episode TV series sequel/remake (which is often considered inferior but both shows have their merits). Although the flow of the story may be confusing to some, the entertainment value is so immense that you'll be swept up in every minute of it. The dub is also pretty good on the OVA series, highlighted by Lisa Ortiz in her debut performance as Deedlit. The TV series dub sadly isn't as good (lots of vocal inconsistencies and some bad performances from minor roles), but Crispin Freeman and Angora Deb turn in excellent work. A must have for any fantasy Anime fan.

Just a heads-up


It has been announced that, while this collection will be a combo pack, only the OVA series will be on Blu-Ray. The TV series will be DVD only.

Good OVA series, meh TV series


I wouldn't say LODOSS is one of the best Anime series around, but it is an iconic one in its own right... the OVA one, that is. It tells a good story and is very colorful. Animation can be stiff at times and there are a few dodgy performances (in both Japanese and English), but the series is otherwise a classic. I'm not so fond of CHRONICLES OF THE HEROIC KNIGHT, though; it's too slowgoing and Spark isn't as interesting a hero as Parn. Still, good for Funimation to rerelease both series. I prefer the Japanese track for both series, but the OVA dub is OK. Not great, but OK overall. Lisa Ortiz is the best thing about it. She's fine as Deedlit. As mentioned, there are a few less than stellar actors (Etoh, and maybe perhaps Wood), but otherwise it's not the worst I've heard. It's fine for a 1996 dub and, as another reviewer mentioned, better than the flawed TV dub.

Typical Funimation cheapness...

by -

I'll start by saying, if the OVA series weren't as good as it is, this probably would have gotten a 2 star. Once again Funimation cuts corners to bring us what could have been an amazing release of a beloved show, and leaves us with only HALF of the set on BD (cleverly naming the set so it APPEARS to be a standard BD/DVD full release.) and in possibly the cheapest, flimsiest "collectors box" ive seen. The paper sleeves on normal dvd cases are made of higher grade paper than this box.

If this had been any higher priced i'd more than happily call it a rip-off. You can complain about "Aniplex Pricing" all you want people, but the reality is theres a REASON Funimation shows are cheap... because they ARE cheap.

A review of Funimation's BD presentation


For many years viewers had to endure CPM's DVDs of the RECORD OF LODOSS WAR OVA, which honestly looks dull and washed out today. The BD set, however, is another matter altogether... in a good way. Remastered from the original negatives, the video quality on this properly presented Funimation BD set is absolutely spectacular. The colors are rich, clean, intricate, and downright stunning. LODOSS has never looked as stunning as this. And the dub sounds as solid as it did back in 1996, despite some lipsync issues. Only oddity: Funimation moved the previews for each episodes to the extras portion instead of at the end of each episode, but otherwise for the video quality, I give this set a high recommendation.

A classic anime for all eras returns...

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Lodoss War is one of the classic OVA series.

The OVA is what people should buy this set for. The Lodoss characters are representative archetypes of character classes played in various RPGs inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons game.
The OVA series was never presented in the best video quality in prior DVD releases.
That fortunately has changed in the new release which is an HD digital restoration of the OVA series.
The bad points --
Uneven animation quality after the first few episodes. The OVAs adapted the main storyline but some plot details and the ending were changed due to the incomplete nature of the original novels at the time the OVAs were made. The later TV series follows the novels more closely but is inferior in every major way to the OVA series.
The good points -- great Japanese voice actors, likeable characters, and a great musical score with a beautiful theme song.
A definite recommendation for fans of the swords-n-sorcery genre.

OVA series is a classic!


I haven't seen the TV series before, so I won't comment about it, but the OVA is a favorite of mine and it's great to see that Funimation has returned it. The series looks simply stunning on BluRay. The animation is crisp is colorful and crisp, although there are places where there are some shortcuts in the animation. Frankly, though, it's still one of the best fantasy Anime around.

As for the dub/sub, I wouldn't say either of them are anything outstanding, but they're definitely not awful either. I've heard much better, but I've heard worse. My only complaint is that the lipsync is off at times, but the voices for both versions are appropriate. Lisa Ortiz especially; her Deedlit is amazing. I can't speak about the TV dub, though, as I've heard bad things about it, so... I'll just say watch the OVA and don't bother with the TV series. The OVA is fine in either language.

Rich story. Lovely art.


This is a qualified review, since I'm only talking about the OVA. That said... Calm down when the first episode doesn't make sense. It's not a "prologue" as the translation says but a "dump you right in the middle; don't worry, you'll understand later." And you do. The thirteen episodes are rich, containing three different interlocking story arcs. I wish they'd done more, since I would have loved having the backstory when our older heroes were making their way. I love the art style -- pencil drawing fineness on some of the faces gives a sense of dimension. Yes. Some of the motion is stiff, but that didn't bother me.

Flimsy box, only OVA on BD

by -

As others have mentioned, only the OVA is on Blu-Ray. Disappointing, but certainly not Funimation's fault, as the TV series will likely never be remastered.

The box is just a basic (flimsy) cardboard box, looks nice, but not the typical Funimation chipboard box that comes with most Limited Editions.

As far as content goes, if you like fantasy anime, but have never seen Record of Lodoss War, definitely check it out.

Buy The Essentials version over this version

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Was really excited when they released this on Blu-Ray. As some people have mentioned only the OVA is Blu-Ray, the rest is standard DVD.
The outside case is thick paper and not that durable. The disks are split into 2 plastic cases inside the box. Other then that there is only a single piece of paper describing the plot with some DVD info below. The DVD slip covers are reversible.
I would recommend buying the Essentials version over this copy as its half the price and you don't get any extras for the money. I would have waited and bought the essentials it if i had known it was coming out.