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About Princess Tutu DVD

This Princess Tutu complete collection contains episodes 1-26.

Darkness hid the pieces of her beloved's shattered heart, and time is running out for Princess Tutu to find them. Using the power of an enchanted amulet, she must uncover the mystery and keep herself and the Prince alive. What secrets bind this passionate girl, a clumsy duck with an omnipresent storyteller?

Special Features: TV Specials, Ballet for Beginners, Etude, In the Studio, Mr Cats Love Lesson, Chapter of the Egg Suite, The Path to Tutu, Vorfinale, Staff and Voice Actor Commentary, Japanese Pre-Production Promotional Video, Clean Opening and Closing Animations.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: SECTION23 FILMS
  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Themes: Magical Girl
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 650
  • Release Date: 4/19/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.39
  • Region Code: 1

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Review is for the show itself


Princess Tutu is easily one of the greatest magical girl anime out there, giving us a unique dark twist on the genre, having it play out like a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale, and the bonus features on the DVDs are top notch to boot. However, what is left to be said is whether or not the producers will update the packaging design of the show. This will be the fourth complete collection of the series. The second and third releases were stackpacks (a DVD case with a deep spindle, where all the discs sit on top of one another), so if this set follows suit, it may still be worth it to track down the 2007 set by ADV, as it didn't use that kind of packaging. Stackpacks will ruin your DVDs over time, since they rub up against each other, no matter how careful you are with them. Just something to keep in mind if you're purchasing this excellent show. I will say however, that the 2007 set has hideous box art, so it may be worth it to get this one after all.

Updated Review!


Just recieved my copy in the mail (thanks RightStuf! <3), and I am pleased to announce that the case uses a page setup (each disc has its own slot) similar to the 2007 set, but about 3x thinner (more shelf space). I recommend buying the show anyway, but now that this exists, I recommend buying this particular set over the 2007 one for a few reasons: 1) It's not hard to find, 2) the packaging, and cover/disc design easily trumps all other releases, and 3) for the sheer amount of content you get in this, the price is EXTREMELY generous. I highly recommend this set to anyone who loves a good story. Enjoy!

One of the best magical girl anime series out there

by -

This is one of the best magical girl series in anime that deserves more attention. The first half seems like your average magical girl story, but there's a plot twist in the second half that really pushes the characters to reach their goals. I highly recommend the English dub of this series. This DVD has extras that are entertaining to watch. My only complaint is the packaging which is not as impressive as an anime released by Funimation. It doesn't have a reversible slip case and the DVDs don't stay in the box easily. However, I would definitely recommend this product.

Beautiful and sweet.

by -

I love this anime. The gorgeous music and the use of all the different ballets make for a unique anime. They use a dance school and ballet to tell the story of Duck and her desire to save the prince.

Despite moments of repetition, I've watched the show twice without ever being bored.

Can a princess save her prince?

by -

THIS IS NOT A STACKPACK! I waited and waited and waited for Princess Tutu to be released with better packaging and somehow it paid off. In addition to a case where the discs are safely separated from each other, the artwork is lovely both for the case and the discs themselves. This is one of my favorite anime of all time, so I am really happy I finally own it.

A Wonderful Surprise

by -

I adore Princess Tutu. It is one of those stories that has a lot more to it than would first be assumed. It has a very cutesy look, but the writing and themes within the show are mature. It really reminds me of the original, darker Grimm faery tales. I went into it for the magical girl aspect and a love of classical music. I stayed, however, because of the layered characterizations and plot of the show.

Anime of depth despite the fluffy appearance

by -

I adore this anime to pieces. It's one of those magic girl animes that appear fluffy and lighthearted, but are really deep and a bit dark, not too dark, thankfully. I always cry when I watch this. The music and ballet dancing is lovely, and the characters are so memorable. It's definitely an anime I come back to repeatedly, so I am very happy to finally own the series.

This set is the full complete anime, including some interviews with the English voice actors, and some ballet background extras. The original Japanese is great. The clean openings and closings are nice to have. I am so happy to own this and thankful I found it here on RightStuf for a great price.

This Came Out Before Madoka

by -

I'm not that particularly into the magical girl genre, but I love tragedies especially genres that aren't particularly known to be tragedies. I wanted to watch something like Madoka, so I started to watch a whole bunch of magical girl series until eventually I found Princess Tutu. This show really scratch that itch I had after Madoka. Is not as tragic as Madoka, but more bitter sweet. I like how there is actual consequence in Princess Tutu like Madoka. I found the story twists very interesting. My only problem is it has a slow start to get into and the show is little odd and cheesy, but I find the ending totally worth the patience.

A Beautful Anime ANYONE Can Fall in Love With

by -

Absolutely gorgous music, very pretty art, a lovable storyline that goes across all sorts of fairy tales, deep characters that you'll always end up empathizing with; this is truly a beautiful anime. The love that was put into creating this is very obvious, and I swear that everything about the show is spectacularly charming and wonderful! I love the intro sequences that pose interesting questions in relation to the story and characters, and the way relationships are portrayed with all these kids. I can't get over the absolutly touching feeling whenever Myuto gets back a part of his previous emotions; this is such an underated anime that I think that even masculine dudes can find apealing. Also... I'm even saying this as a Sailor Moon fan... I think this show is WAY better then Sailor Moon.

A Show to Watch

by -

This show is amazing and is a children's show to boot. I can gush about the characters and how complicated they all are (well, Duck is a bit more simplistic but she's still lovable), the story, the set up, the animation and the dances. Princess Tutu takes ballet, classical music and Grimm fairy tales and turns it into a story with amazing animation, dialogue and a story that doesn't grow old. Both sub and dub are impressive even though they are slightly different in terms of names such as Duck but it doesn't make much difference in my opinion. The commentaries and bonuses are fun to watch as well. Princess Tutu can be watched by everyone. Don't be turned off by the pink and ballet. It's an amazing show to watch.

An amazing anime even a tomboy like me loves

by -

I love this anime and that's saying a lot when I'm not really for romance, drama, and based on the title alone I'd never have watched it if I didn't join an anime club at my high school who had us view it.

This anime is a masterpiece of romance, drama, fantasy, and tragedy. Princess Tutu who is really just a simple duck falls in love with a Prince who has no heart. In order to help the Prince, she transforms into Princess Tutu and gathers his heart shards to restore him so he can smile once more.

On this DVD set, I love the disc artwork and the main menu page with beautiful pictures of the characters. I also like how the discs are in each their own seperate holder in a compact easy to fit on a shelf case.

A Classic With Extensive Special Features

by -

Princess Tutu is the sort of show that I recommend to almost anyone with even a passing interest in anime. It's an intense, artistic show with a lot of heart.

And this DVD set is one of the rare releases that really lives up to the quality of the show. With extensive special features alongside an excellent show, it's one of the best non-special-edition sets I've seen from any company.