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About Princess Nine Complete Series DVD

Princess Nine Complete Series collection contains episodes 1-26 of the anime directed by Tomomi Mochizuki.

In the male-dominated sport of baseball, one group of high school girls is about to turn the world upside down! Ryo Hayakawa, daughter of a legendary pitcher, has been chosen to lead the "Princesses," Japan's first-ever girl's baseball team. They don't want to play in a separate league - they're taking on the boys at their own game. And their goal? None other than Koshien, the national high school baseball championship!

But for all the challenges they face on the field, the hardest battles are the ones fought behind the scenes. They'll have to overcome prejudice, endure weeks of hard training, and work their way through romantic rivalries if they ever want a chance to make it to the top!

Special Features: Clean Opening & Closing, "Kaseki no Machi" Music Clip, "Passionate Days" Music Clip, Warsaw Philharmonic Video, "Music Selections" Music Video, "Dream Stadium" Music Video, Sound Staff Interviews Parts 1 & 2, Player Statistics, Oden Cooking Special, A History of Baseball in Japan, Voice Actress Profiles, Karaoke With Princess Nine, Original Japanese Cover Art Gallery, U.S. Trailer, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Romance
  • Themes: Sports
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 650
  • Year Created: 1998
  • Release Date: 4/1/2014
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: 1

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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

One of a kind high school baseball story.


This series has most of the usual tropes found in sports anime: building the team, dealing with the sometimes bizarre personalities behind the talent, confronting hostile opponents in pursuit of the prize. One big difference that sets everything in motion: the team here is the first and only team from a girls high school. Just getting credibility is a struggle before they can even take the field.

This is a very satisfying mashup of shonen and shoujo. The cornerstone of the team is Ryo Hayakawa, a pitching phenom whose father was also a standout pitcher. There's her arch-rival, a tennis ace who turns out to be a power hitter as well as a part of a romantic triangle; a drunken washed-up coach; a former juvenile delinquent; the usual assortment of eccentric but talented players. My favorites include Mao, the beefy catcher who was recruited from the judo team, and Yuki, a former softball phenom who's almost catatonic and communicates through a pipe-cleaner doll--her back-story is quite revealing. The music by Masamichi Amano is lush and orchestral, the story by Hiro Maruyama deftly balances all of the elements, and director Tomomi Mochizuki brings his experience from the definitive baseball anime 'Touch'. This is a Buried Treasure which will win over those who think they don't like sports anime AND those who think they don't like shoujo stories.

Very good older title


If you liked The Big Windup then you should like this story, even though they are not similar. It is simply a baseball tale told very well. The story is primarily about a school administrator who is trying to defy tradition and form a female baseball team for her school with the goal of reaching the pinnacle of Japanese high school baseball. There are a couple of side stories in between the beginning and end concerning the development of most of the players and they are told very well in a way that compliments the main story arc. The only thing about this series I absolutely did not like was the very last episode. EVERY, and I mean all, the episodes of this series do a fantastic job of advancing the story and not having any fluff and lull like so many series do in the middle portions. Then you get to the very last episode and think 'what were they thinking'. If you don't mind every episode of your series being truly excellent and then the last episode being mediocre, then this series is for you.



Fantastic plot, characters, and pretty much everything else. The dub is surprisingly good. Only possible downside would be the art, which sometimes shows its age and leaves a bit to be desired, but this can easily be overlooked.

The Bad News Princess Nine


If you insist on knowing how it ends, my title should let you know; however, this series makes you cheer even though the heroines come up just a little bit short.

That's partly because the deck has never been so stacked against. Of the 9 total players, 8 have to struggle with one or more terrible problems before the season even begins, half of those have their problems continue into the season, and half of those quite literally face death. They don't even obtain 9 total players until episode 10, the third (!) attempt to disqualify the girls the right to play on equal terms with the boys in the Summer Koshien tournament doesn't fail until episode 18, and the girls don't even start playing games in the tournament until episode 23.

The other thing that is clear throughout is that the story would go on. Keiko Himuro is absolutely laughed at for initially promising her freshman girls baseball team will make it to Koshien in three years, but we only see one year in the show.

Criminally Underrated Gem.

by -

The world would be a better place if more anime were written and executed as well as this series. Hilary Haag, Vic Mignogna, and Monica Rial doing some of their finest work. You don't have to be a fan of baseball or even sports in general to enjoy this show. Classic quality storytelling.

Great series with heart

by -

Doesn't matter if you are a baseball fan or not this series is great for everyone. This series shows all what this group of girls go through and not just the game of baseball but also their lives outside of it.

One of my favorites anime

by -

This is one of my favorites sport anime shows

Starts Strong, Ends Weak

by -

For the first two-thirds of this series, I was prepared to give five stars despite the weakness of the art and character design. (Ex. Yoko's face looks like an emoji!) They did do a great job with the baseball elements, even to changing throwing styles when softball, not baseball, was being shown.

The sub-plots were great, especially the one about Ryo's father. Then it crashed. Suddenly dynamic Ryo is gutted. She's such a different character that I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that Fifi the alien had stolen the real Ryo. The change is that enormous. I couldn't BELIEVE her reaction to... Well, I'll hold the spoilers.

Sub-plots that had been key vanish. The coach's character development ceases. It was as if someone said "Save something for the next season."

Except there wasn't one.

I'll watch again, someday, but skip the final story arc.

Cute anime

by -

Such a cute anime. Great value for the entire series!

A hidden gem of a show from a different era of anime

by -

I love watching older anime from time to time. The plots and art are so different than modern day anime and its so fun to see how the medium has grown and also enjoy the older hand drawn stylized anime again. For Retro anime fans this is a great show and if your into more modern stuff cut the animation some slack and enjoy the fun and quirky story surrounding an all girl baseball team proving they are just as good as the boys. Its a fun show and worth the watch, call back to a different era of anime and I cant get enough of these older gems.