Planetes Manga Omnibus Volume 2

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About Planetes Manga Omnibus Volume 2

Planetes Manga Omnibus Volume 2 collects Manga Volumes 3-4 and features story and art by Makoto Yukimura.

The award-winning hard science-fiction saga concludes in this definitive omnibus! Hachimaki makes the cut for the Von Braun Jupiter mission, but what awaits him past the farthest frontier? Back home, his compatriots Fee, Yuri, and Tanabe become embroiled in a war that threatens to trap Earth forever behind a wall of deadly space debris!


  • Publisher: DARK HORSE MANGA
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
  • Themes: Slice of Life, Space
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Release Date: 4/27/2016
  • Page Count: 528
  • Dimensional Weight: 2
  • Written Language: English

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Science Fiction Manga at it's Best

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Planetes is a phenomenal science fiction/romance/slice-of-life manga series by the author of the popular Vinland Saga. Planetes is gorgeous visually with insanely detailed art and in this extremely high quality omnibus it becomes even more captivating. A gripping and profoundly realistic tale of love, humanity's future in space and one young man's journey of self discovery, Planetes boasts one of the most intriguing and meaningful science fiction stories in all of manga. For only two volumes of such impeccable quality I cannot believe this series isn't flying off the shelves. What are you waiting for?

Fantastic Sci-Fi manga, worth your time and money


One of the most thoughtful and thought provoking manga I've read! It details the lives of Space Trash Men. However it is far deeper than that. At the surface its an incredible read but uniquely deep the more you dig.

There is a tale about dark and light. It plays with the idea of human beings and human nature. The idea of learning what you need as a person while balancing the idea that what you are told and what is right, they don't always match up. The thoughts of mental diseases and loneliness leave you wanting to understand. Its an incredible read!
The story, unfolds in the imagery you find within it.The science in this thing holds up and relates to the current climate of space travel today, Visionary!

The main and side character are fantastic and will keep you motivated to read more. My only complaint is that the ending needed to be 10 more pages to truly wrap it up into a perfect work of art and story telling 9/10 overall worth every penny and should be in your collection!

Great sci-fi manga that provokes thought


A fantastic series that Is realized! The story deals with themes of Human nature and the human condition, while also delving into the duality problem humans face, good ,bad; light, dark.
Great undertones throughout the story. Redemption, consequence, happiness, they are all realized which should be commended. The imagery that leads the mind to wonder, truly great! There is something to be said about conveying a feeling and it coming through perfectly which it does!

The characters make this series truly shine, from the main Three to the side characters. They go through this series becoming more in depth and endearing. The characters drive this story to great heights
The science in the story is spot on and is something we face today with space exploration and should be commended.
The beautiful omnibuses, with dozens of color pages, bring out the life and vastness of space whilst also making its constructs seem real.

8.5/10- This is worth every penny and should be in every collection!