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Parallel Paradise Manga Volume 1

1 Review
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Release Date: 2/25/2020

About Parallel Paradise Manga Volume 1

Parallel Paradise Manga Volume 1 features story and art by Lynn Okamoto, author of Brynhildr in the Darkness and Elfen Lied.

A women's world of swords and sorcery just summoned their only human man - a bewildered student from Earth! Tada Youta, a seemingly normal young man with a background in martial arts, has his life upended when a terrifying creature drags him into another world. He's shocked to find himself in a land with castles and dragons and colored moons in the sky, where the only humans who roam are women! Not only is Youta the first man in this world for centuries, but his touch can activate a powerful desire within the women around him. Guided into this strange new land by a beautiful paladin, Youta is about to embark on his ultimate fantasy adventure!


  • Publisher: GHOST SHIP
  • Media: Manga
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Themes: Fan Service, Harem
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Release Date: 2/25/2020
  • Page Count: 208
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.5
  • Written Language: English

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16+? lol sure


This series is overflowing with explicit sex. Like, absolutely as far as you can go without being actual hardcore porn. Pro or con? That's up to you, dear reader.

Other than that, the world is a dark, ominous take on an otherwise uninspired fantasy world and generic isekai plot. The male lead isn't an idiot - he's rather shrewd - and isn't all-powerful (in combat), which are both big pluses given this is an isekai harem. If you're a fan of Okamoto Lynn's way of drawing facial expressions, big plus too; so much crazy-face.

Ultimately, if you're not interested in the "plot," it's not worth reading. But if you ARE interested in the "plot," the worldbuilding - and the actual plot - are eyebrow-raising enough to keep coming. Back. Coming back. That's what I meant.