Oreimo 2 Limited Edition DVD Box Set

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About Oreimo 2 Limited Edition DVD Box Set

This limited edition box set of Oreimo 2 contains episodes 1-13 plus OVA episodes I Can't Confess to Her, My Little Sister is This Cute, and My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute. Also includes 16 pin-up postcards of "Ending Cards," a 44-page deluxe booklet of character designs, an art gallery, and creator messages, and a "From Chiba to the World" poster featuring Kirino and Kuroneko, all housed in a deluxe chipboard artbox.

Kyousuke brings Kirino home from America where she attended a special track and field camp. Surrounded by her friends, Kirino gradually gets her life back to normal. In stark contrast to her friends is Kyousuke, who is unhappy with Kirino's attitude towards him. She has been ignoring him since she came home, as if their relationship has gone back to how it had been a year earlier. But then Kirino does something for Kyousuke...

Special Features: Textless Opening, 16 Textless Endings, Preview Videos by SD Characters, Special Short Movies by SD Characters, "Gal-ge" (Style Short Movies), Web Version Previews.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Due to licensing and contract restrictions, this product can be sold and shipped to the US and Canada only. This product cannot be shipped to Japan. All sales are final. It may be returned for an exchange if defective, but unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.


  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Themes: School Life
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 400
  • Release Date: 8/5/2014
  • Weight: 1.2
  • Region Code: 1

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The Series That Took the World by Storm


Adapted from the light novel series of the same name, the first time Oreimo hit Japanese airwaves, it was an instant success. One of the few anime to dive into the realm of Japanese Otaku and the only series that so faithfully portraits a relationship between siblings at the most honest level, this series is by far one of my personal favorites. It's the unique story and again the relationship between the characters that sells this series in a very similar manner to Disney's Frozen.

Kyosuke Kosaka, 17, has not gotten along with his little sister, Kirino, 14, in several years. For as long as he can remember, Kirino ignores his existence entirely and at most, glares at him with stern eyes at his passing words to her. After accidentally bumping into her, he finds a strange anime DVD in the entrance way. To his surprise, it turns out to be a eroge (erotic video game), and while attempting to figure out the owner, he discovers it belongs to his little sister. Kirino is beautiful, popular, a track star, a honor student, and a model to boot; her reputation would be destroyed if her dark otaku secret were to be revealed. Kyosuke, however, hands it back to her and promises not to make fun of her. At Kirino's request he agrees to help her with 'life counseling,' to help his sister to reconcile her personal life with her secret hobbies, while restoring their broken relationship and coming to terms with their true feelings for each other.

This is the second season of the series, and is in fact the conclusion as well. This half focuses more on their relationship and Kirino coming to terms with her past and accepting the present to building the future. A lot happens in season 2 and there are a lot of surprise outcomes that you'll have to watch for yourself, I refuse to spoil the plot. When season 1 LE first came to RightStuf, it sold out in 30 days, which left resellers offering the product for hundreds of dollars above market price and a long 6 month wait for a standard reprint.

This set is a DVD only set, original Japanese language, English subtitles. Just like with season 1, due to licensing and reverse importing, in time season 2 will be offered in blu ray; however the price will be similar to the Japanese market prices, ($300). This set contains all 13 aired episodes and 3 original net animations that act as the 'true route' ending for the series. Extras include gallery postcards of the ending credits, posters, and decorative slipcase packaging.

For The Open Minded...

by -

I am known to be a very open minded person when it comes to anime and this anime is no different , I enjoyed the first season for the comedy and entertainment while season 2 has its comedy but close to the end it goes abit more on the serious terms with abit of comedy <3 I don't want say to much as the ending is not for everyone as not everyone is let's say open minded with how it ended but I want you guys to check it out and see what you think in a clear thought ;)

As for the boxset:

As a Aniplex of America release it was pretty cheap then what they normally price there anime with this many eps which alone is a plus, another good thing about this package it comes with many goodies like post cards, posters and many special features

I recommend this boxset for any Oreimo fan

One of my favorites

by -

Oreimo 2 is a limited edition set that is worth the money spent if your a fan of the series. This second season's story is great although the ending could have been better but still the series is one of my personal favorites. The box set itself includes a artbook, artcards, poster, and DVD cases with nice art inside and out of the case.

Great series with a twist

by -

This is a great series to watch as long as you keep an open mind. The subject matter is a little on the iffy side when it gets to the end during the ovas. I did enjoy the entire series and would recommend it to anyone who would want to watch something that has a different feel to it.

Get it here!

by -

A satisfying purchase, was safely sent out here to my location in Canada. Comes with everything listed in the website. Took a little bit of time to get here, but well worth the wait.

Just as good if not better than the season 1 Ltd. box set. A must have for fans of the series.