Noragami Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD

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About Noragami Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD

Noragami Season 1 collection contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Kotaro Tamura.

Minor god Yato is down on his luck. Fed up with his slacker lifestyle, his partner abruptly quits. He has no money, no worshippers, and no shrine to call home. But just when things are starting to seem hopeless, a bus accident forces him to cross paths with Hiyori Iki, a sweet and perky high school girl. After the accident, Hiyori's soul has a bad habit of slipping out of her body, and after enlisting Yato's help to get her back to normal, she begins to fall into the world of spirits and gods.

But Hiyori's not the only one who's keeping tabs on Yato. A god from Yato's past is back, and he's not interested in a friendly reunion.

Special Features: Episode Commentary (Episodes 6, 9), Textless Opening and Closing, U.S. Trailer, Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


  • Publisher: FUNIMATION
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action
  • Themes: Battles, Supernatural
  • Age Rating: 14+
  • Run Time: 300
  • Year Created: 2014
  • Release Date: 7/7/2015
  • Dimensional Weight: 1
  • Region Code: A

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Great anime!


For those fans who are into action, fantasy, comedy, the supernatural, with a touch of romance this is a fantastic show. The action scenes are wonderfully produced and the soundtrack fits the battle scenes spectacularly.

Technical Details:

There were three released editions for the first season of Noragami.

There was a standard edition which is the blue ray and dvd combo pack which is the the set in one case with a removable sleeve. Next was the limited edition set which has both the blu-ray and dvd placed in a hard chipboard. Finally, Funimation had their own exclusive release which was the limited edition format (with the chipboard) included with two bonus items of a 5 yen coin and a recreated card holder that we saw Yato create from one of the episodes.

This collection is in both english sub and dub with a second season currently being released, so hopefully we will be able to have a beautiful second season released to dvd/blu-ray in the future.

Action and comedy. Perhaps romance?

by -

Hiyori Iki sees what she thinks is a young boy about to be hit by a bus and rushes to help him. Her soul slips from her body, and she discovers that he is Yato a very minor god with no shrine and no reputation. She goes back to her body but has problems with her soul slipping out without much warning. Petitioning him for help to get back into her body permanently she helps him deal with finding a spirit person/ weapon, dealing with the weapon's “training”, and dealing with her own feelings towards him. Comedic with plenty of action.
Waiting for the second season.

BEST, ANIME, AF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


all i did was watch the first episode and I WAS HOOKED!!!!!! BEST, ANIME, OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yato, The delivery god Fast and Affordable

by -

"Yato is a scary God" but he doesn't want to be. The Yato God is busy trying to build his name among mortals and there is no pray to big nor to small for him to answer, as long as you have the 5 yen tribute. From cleaning bathrooms and dog houses to keeping your soul in your body the Yato delivery god is only a phone call away.

Under the upbeat cover of the serious lies a God of Calamity trying to leave his old ways behind. With memorable and relatable characters some the the relationship in the serious are quite complicated. The series has a potential of a long run without getting stale and we can only hope for more seasons to dive into some questions that you suspect but are never really answered. What prayers dis Yato use to get?



Fantastic anime!
The fight scenes are splendid, the plot is very interesting, and the characters are so lovable <3
It's hard to find anime that can be legit serious one minute and then have you laughing so hard you scare your roommate the next.
On top of all that, both the subbed and dubbed versions are wonderfully done.
I love love LOVE this series and I know you will too.

Not your typical Shounen

by -

This show was a surprise. I first saw it subbed on Netflix and was immediately hooked. It has amazing artwork, great fight scenes, but at the same time it has slow paced moments with good comedy that makes you fall in love with the characters. It has some deep moments as well which you don't necessarily expect at first due to the comedy. Yukine and Yato have to be 2 of my favorite anime characters. I love the dub but I actually think Yato's Japanese voice actor portrayed him better.


by -

My #1 favorite anime of all time! Plenty of action, drama, romance, and comedy scenes all packed into one anime! An amazing storyline filled with twists and turns that keep you intrigued throughout the entire series.

Quick shipping and product arrived in great condition. The english dub lead roles are played by the famously talented Jason Liebrecht, Micah Solusod, and Bryn Apprill. A must watch :D

An Entertaining anime that you need on your shelf.

by -

Noragami is a cleverly written anime that has an amazing voice cast featuring Jason Liebrecht as Yato a hilarious wannabe big time god who everyone worships. However its not all fun and games for him as he is still a small time god with barely any followers.
The bluray set is pretty awesome with the disks each being silhouettes of each character on the disks. The extras are pretty standard with trailers,commentaries as well as textless songs. While i wish there was more to the extras i still found it enjoyable to own.
If you like animes like Devil is a part timer or soul eater i would definitely check this one out and buy it.

A fantastic entertaining series...

by -

Noragami is about a stray god who desires fame, worshippers, and a shrine built by his followers someday. Yato's fantasy segments are a hoot to watch, as he imagines a Gold Crown, a colorful cape, with lots of admiring crowds (mostly young women) surrounding him. Often found slumming at famous God of fortune Temjin's shrines, Yato also can be found hanging out at God of Poverty Kufuku's place too, but then, the God of War Bishimon just wants Yato dead instead!

This series is absolutely funny, has unique interesting characters, showcases plenty of action scenes, and features an extravagant narrative along with a catchy musical score. Loved the story of Yato's dark past as the God of Calamity, then the growth of Yukine the ghost/spirit who becomes Yato's Sword/Shinki or powerful Regalia. Lastly, enjoyed the numerous times Yato follows Hiyori around as a 'Stalker' resulting in 'clobbering time' for this minor God, but hints at a possible romance for Yato and Hiyori.

Love The Series. Item Quality/Condition Not So Much!

by -

Noragami is a great series. I am really looking forward to the next season. The English dub cast does an amazing job. The DVD blu-ray combo however is not of good quality for lack of better words. I received my set recently after ordering here and it was damaged. So was my friends Noragami dvd/blu-ray that they ordered from here and a major competitor. Tried 3 times and every time item was worse than one before it.